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Our selection of Men's Loafers includes your favourite brands such as Bugatti, Clarks and IMAC. Order online for FREE UK Delivery on orders over £30, FREE Click and Collect, Easy Returns and International Delivery. If you are looking for a bargain, have a browse of our Men's Loafers Sale to see if you can pick up a great shoe at a lower price.

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Men’s Loafers

First created in the mid-19th century, loafers were originally designed by Wildsmith Shoes as loungewear for the Royal family and nobles. The style was then redesigned in Norway in the early 20th century by Nils Gregoriusson Tveranger calling it the ‘Aurland Shoe’. The shoes were exported to America where they gained massive popularity. A photoshoot for Esquire magazine features a ‘cattle loafing’ area and is thought to be why loafers gained their current name.

Classically made using moccasin construction with the vamp weld stitched to the toe box creating the classic u-shaped stitch design, loafers now come in a multitude of styles. The ‘Gucci Loafer’ for example was originally created by Gucci and featured a horses bit on the tongue of the shoes, while the term is now synonymous with loafers with metal hardware on. Worn to start with as a casual shoe, the loafer grew in popularity and is now worn with suits for more formal occasions and as work attire.

First created using leathers, the loafer now features leather, nubucks, suede and man-made uppers. The use of metal hard-wear, tassels and bows alongside bold stitch detailing all combine to give loafers their classic vibe.

Our Brand of Loafers

Clarks Loafers

Known for their top quality footwear, Clarks use nearly 200 years of experience to create the finest of shoes. Clarks men's loafers use leather uppers for breathability and comfort paired with the innovative technologies ensures Clarks shoes are sublime to wear.

Bugatti Loafers

Bugatti use traditional construction techniques paired with modern designs and top quality leathers to offer shoes that fit like a dream. Their use of technologies and differing fittings allows them to offer a range of Bugatti men's loafers suitable for everyone.


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