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Founded in 1981 by Randy Merrel, Clark Matis and John Schweiser; the latter two former ski company executives, Merrell has been supplying the world with top quality outdoor pursuit footwear for over 30 years. The team combined their knowledge of craftsmanship, production management, marketing, business skills and also their Italian contacts to create a formidable power in the footwear industry. Their goal was to create high performance outdoor footwear at more affordable prices.

Combining Italian manufacturing processes with the technology behind American cowboy boots, Merrell created their first designs, designs so good that some of the earliest; like their 'wilderness boot' are still on the market to this day.

1983 saw the first of Merrell's products on the market; their 'Qform comfort technology' also lauched this year, catering for the bone structure, profile and stride of female hikers for greater comfort and performance. Their Eagle model launched in 1985, combining running shoes with a the more rugged technology to create a lighter outdoor shoe, making way for their groudbreaking multi-sport technology.

Merrell released their first cross-trainer in 1993, swiftly followed by their 'Vibram' soles. Since then, Merrell have been pushing the boundaries of outdoor footwear technology to create the perfect footwear for the adventurers in all of us. Having partnered with the National Park Foundation, Merrell have also sponsored the Tough Mudder, the ultimate test for all outdoorwear and its user!

Merrell create their footwear with their four core values in mind; comfort, design, durability and versatility. Their commitment to their values enables them to create footwear that offers everything that an outdoor enthusiast would require.

Merrell Shoes for Men

Merrell shoes combine the rugged abilities of a walking boot with the sports vibes of a trainer. Their attention to detail and comfort make their shoes a joy to wear. The Moab GTX J87577-00 offers comfort from the compression moulded EVA footframe and the air cushioning in the heel while the GORE-TEX upper keeps the shoes fresh and dry. Buy your Merrell walking shoes from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Merrell Stockist.

Merrell Mens Boots

Perfect for the adventurer in all of us, Merrell's boots are created with comfort and durability at the forefront of their design. Their Moab Mid GTX 87313-00 is the perfect example of Merrell's walking boots. The waterproof Dura leather combined with GORE-TEX keeps the feet dry while the air cushioning in the heel and the compression moulded EVA footframe offers sublime comfort. Buy your Mens Merrell boots from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Merrell stockist.

Mens GORE-TEX Merrell Shoes

A semi permeable membrane sandwiched between the outer and lining of the shoe, GORE-TEX is 'guaranteed to keep you dry'. GORE-TEX makes your shoes waterproof using a semi permeable membrane that allows the smaller molecules of moisture and sweat out while preventing the larger water molecules from getting in, keeping your shoes breathable and dry. The Blaze Vent GTX J32799-20 is the perfect example of one of Merrell's GORE-TEX shoes. GORE-TEX is used in the majority of Merrell's shoes and boots. Buy your GORE-TEX shoes from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Merrell stockist.

Merrell Sandals

Merrell's commitment to performance footwear doesnt stop at shoes and boots, they also offer a gorgeous range of sandals. Their sturdy and outdoor wear lead style lends itself to the sandals while still retaining a lighter and more delicate shape. The Merrell J37693-70 All Out Sieve is the perfect example of Merrell's sandals offering comfort from the 'remember me' footbed. Their use of bright leather uppers and contrasting stitching makes their sandals fun and interesting.  Buy your Mens Merrell sandals from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Merrell Stockist.

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