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The Timberland's we know and love came into existance in 1973 but Nathan Swartz the founder had been working in the footwear industry since 1928, giving him over 40 years of hands on experience. Nathan bought over The Abington Shoe company and brought his sons into the company in the 1950's. The family poineered injection moulded soles, an innovative concept in 1965, allowing the creating of a more water resistant and secure sole unit.

In 1973, the Swartz family launched their Timberland waterproof leather boots, which swiftly became so popular that they rebranded the company as Timberland.

Having expanded their lines to include boat shoes and more casual shoes, the 1980's saw Timberland start their world domination. A fashion forward youth movement in Milan helped with the introduction of Timberland in to Europe and then across the rest of the world. 1985 saw Timberland break the 1 million pairs sold barrier with the brand swiftly becoming a global phenomenon.

The 1990's saw the brand expanding their creations from footwear to a range of clothing and accessories as well. As the brand grew, so did its popularity with rappers like Mobb Deep and DMX wearing the brand.

Timberland have a commitment to controlling and reducing their environmental foot print, no mean feat with over 300 factories across 30 countries world wide. Timberland strive to ensure equality and uphold workers rights throughout all factories.

As part of their commitment to the environment, Timberland recycle plastic bottles to use in their footwear and the packaging used is mainly recyclable. Timberland have also planted nearly 9 million trees and over a million hours have been spent by Timberland employees in communities around the world.

Men's Boots

Renowned for their comfort and practicality, Timberland boots are a wardrobe staple across the world. Their rugged rubber outsoles and leather uppers with classic, sturdy detailing make them the perfect shoe for every day, from urban adventures to walks in the country, Timberlands are an ideal hiking boot.


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