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EMU Australia Women’s Footwear 

EMU Australia

Named after Australia's national bird, Emu hope to embody its characteristics - tall and proud the emu strides with great speed forwards with never a backwards step. Resourceful and perceptive, the bird is the perfect inspiration for a company and reflects the brands values.

Although Emu as we know and love it today has only been around for a couple of decades, the company behind it, Jackson Tannery from Geelong in Australia, was founded in 1977. The tannery was the first to create sheepskin boots on a commercial scale and from this, Emu Australia was born.

Inspired by the landscape and colour palette of their home, Emu Australia use the finest Australian Merino sheepskins along with top grade Australian leathers and suedes to create their footwear. They strive to create enduring designs that surpass the limitations of trend and fashion and bridge the gap between functionality and lasting style.

Emu takes time and gives great attention to sourcing the finest of materials to ensure that their products are built to last. The Merino sheepskins used are the finest around and paired Emu's comprehensive testing of every design, their footwear is of outstanding quality.

Handcrafted in Australia, Emu Australia footwear is created to the highest of qualities using the finest grade waterproof sheepskins and a tanning process which is environmentally friendly.

Emu also work closely with Wool Mark to ensure that their footwear comes under the approval of Wool Mark and are certified as having 100% wool, the Wool Mark is often apparent on Emu Australia footwear and denotes its fantastic quality.

Emu's use of an EVA midsole creates a light and flexible sole unit which, when paired with the wool linings and foam padded insoles, creates a fanastically comfortable piece of footwear.

Emu Boots

Famed for their style and comfort, Emu Australia boots are a functional yet stylish wardrobe staple. Created from the finest of Australian materials, the boots are a dream to wear and keep you cosy all winter long. Perfect for the colder weather, these boots are a dream to wear.

Emu Australia Slippers

Who doesn't love a pair of super cosy slippers? Emu Australia fuse comfort and practicality with style when it comes to their slippers. Ideal for nights in, the slippers offer comfort from the padded insoles and warmth from the wool linings.

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