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Fitflop Ladies

FitflopsFitflop footwear was created with the idea of making shoes which would be extremely comfortable and also reduce the amount of pressure through various parts of the foot. A businesswoman in London collaborated with two expert biomechanists to design and manufacture shoes which would cover this.  Fitflop were first made for women, with the first one sold in 2007 and they have since sold over twenty million pairs between men’s and women’s sandals and clogs. The women’s range of Fitflops’ contains a variety of different styles and colours between toe post sandals (which are based on the original Walkstar model), full sandals, slip on sandals, clogs, and even recently into pumps and lacing shoes. For women who want a really comfortable, cushioned sandal – Fitflop women’s range provides a superior comfort and fashionable styling, who wouldn’t want a comfortable, fashionable sandal?

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