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Legero Shoes


Legero Shoes is an Austrian footwear brand that was founded in 1872, it is situated in Graz, Austria.  The company is majorly owned by the Stolitzka family. Having been in the shoe industry for over 100 years, Legero has adapted to footwear trends through the years and has kept up with the latest technologies, designs and colours.

About Legero Shoes

The Legero brand’s slogan is to make shoes which are your feet’s favourite. They endeavour to create shoes which are light, comfortable and have innovative designs. Legero produces women’s footwear which is functional, using technology such as Gore-Tex Surround and Direct-Injection moulding to craft shoes which are of high quality and superior comfort. Gore-Tex Surround is a technology which allows the shoes to be completely breathable, even throughout the sole unit, and yet maintain the effectiveness of the waterproofing. The Direct-Injection moulding allows the shoes to be light and durable as it is proven to be more effective than using adhesive within the construction.

Women's Legero shoes are designed not only to be worn during certain seasons but to provide women with shoes they can wear all year round, looking good for practical functions but also fashionable enough that they can be worn on in the city as well as the country. Legero have established a reputation of being a pioneer in lightweight shoe technology, as a trendsetter for the new casual generation they have established themselves as a fantastic shoe brand with a good reputation. High-quality materials married with high technology materials such as GORE-TEX results in 'Fashion & Function which can be a rare trait among shoe brands.

The Legero Way - A mission for sustainability and perfection

The Legero Way was developed in 2011 out of a passion to make the best shoes in the industry. They based The Legero Way on a responsible attitude for very long term sustainability, a deep rooted passion for making the best shoes possible (which is driven by a desire to take away from their customers any doubt and concern regarding their products), and an ethos of paving the way through constant learning and constant development.

Legero owns two factories in Hungary and Romania and also have long standing partnerships with production sites in India, Vietnam, Spain, Indonesia, Hungary and Bosnia. Throughout all their production sites and partner production sites, they have a culture of fair working conditions, sanitary facilities, regulated working hours, holiday and pay. Legero shoes also have an uncompromising waver of child labour.

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