Marco Tozzi Wedge Sandals

Marco Tozzi wedge sandals are made using high-quality synthetic materials which mean you can have the latest fashion at an affordable price.  A synthetic sole with an embossed design to look like a rope or cork sole is great as you get the look of a classic wedge sole  but won’t have to worry about staining from grass or if you get caught out in the rain. 

Wedge sandals are a wonderful alternative for giving you height than a separate heel as the gradual incline can be more comfortable.  Everyone has been to a summer event on grass where they have found their heels have got stuck and so wedge sandals are the perfect choice for a day at the races or a summer fete.   When you’re going on holiday it can be difficult to select what shoes to take and nowadays many people travel with only hand luggage or with a restricted baggage allowance, this is where a wedge sandal is a great option to have with you as it is so versatile taking you from strolling through the streets to a night out on the town.  Wedge sandals are the quintessential women’s summer shoe and should be a staple of every summer wardrobe.

Buy your Marco Tozzi wedge sandals from Beggs Shoes, an official Marco Tozzi stockist.

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