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Menbur women’s shoes are designed for special occasions, such as weddings whether you’re the bride or a guest, with a stunning range that all have a bit of glitz and sparkle.  These shoes are designed for you to enjoy your special occasion in style and comfort while feeling elegant and glamorous – every woman’s dream!  Menbur also produce matching bags for many of their shoes so you can create the ultimate coordinated look.  At the end of each season a selection of shoes go into our Menbur women’s shoes sale, a great opportunity to buy these fabulous shoes at a great price.

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Menbur Womens Shoes

After over 40 years of creating stunning occasion shoes in Granada, Spain; Menbur bring their knowledge of their products to their designs. Menbur create shoes to celebrate the female form and empower women. Their ethos is to bring together elegance, glamour and naturalness in perfect balance and harmony. With over 4,500 outlets worldwide, Menbur is one of the leading European brands for bridal and occasion footwear. At Begg Shoes and Bags, we have a selection of these stunning shoes.

Menbur Heeled Shoes

Menbur shoes combine dazzling fabrics with delicate detailing to create shoes that caress and enhance the feet. The attention to detail is second to none making these shoes surprisingly comfortable to wear. The Durcal 06281-87 are a glittering example of their stunningly elegant designs. Buy your Menbur heels from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Menbur stockist.

Menbur Bags

Menbur also create clutch bags to complement their range of shoes. Made from the same glittering fabrics, the bags enhance and lift any outfit, especially when paired with the matching shoes for a truly elegant and sophisticated look. Try the Singa Ecuador Bag 84233-87 with the Ecuador heel 07320-87 for a dazzling look. Buy your Menbur bag from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Menbur stockist. 

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