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In 1924 the Dassler brothers founded their own factory in Germany, Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory, which supplied the majority of German athletes with their sports shoes in the Summer Olympic Games in 1928. This company the Dassler brothers created is PUMA, one of the leading women’s sporting brands in the world – specialising in developing products/footwear which will help athletes speed and performance. PUMA was best known for its production of football boots, which first began in 1948 and they were the first company to manufacture football boots with screw in studs- the beginning of their successful reputation in the football sector. PUMA has been involved in some of the major sporting event in history – Pele wore PUMA winning the World Cup for Brazil, Boris Becker won Wimbledon with PUMA tennis shoes and racket, Usain Bolt set a 100m World Record in PUMA’s - the list goes on and on! The company’s mission is to be the fastest brand – they want to be the first to react to the latest technologies and trends and strive to bring innovative, new products to the market. PUMA women’s footwear is comfortable, stylish and the brand has built an excellent reputation for its products performance.

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