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Womens Rieker shoes, pumps, sandals and boots are popular choices for ladies looking for stylish, comfortable and quality footwear. Rieker shoes are well known for their Anti-Stress technology which offers comfortable shock absorbency for your feet. Their shoes also offer the best flexibility possible to ensure that your feet are well looked after and comfortable throughout the day.  Find a selection of fantastic shoes at brilliant prices in our Rieker Shoes Sale.  

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Ladies Rieker Shoes

Rieker Shoes are known for being a comfortable yet stylish brand of footwear. The trendy range of womens Rieker sandals, shoes and ladies pumps are all designed with comfort in mind. The collection of Rieker shoes incorporates all of the famous Rieker features and benefits which makes these shoes much more than decorative, fashionable products.

Rieker Anti-Stress Technology

Riekers Anti Stress Technology offers top of the line shock absorbency for your feet with the least weight increase possible. Your feet swell during the day which is why Rieker shoes developed technology to allow space for for your feet and to offer the best flexibility possible. Rieker's main aim is to create shoes that are comfortable throughout the day, every day.

Rieker Ladies Sandals

Known for their incredible comfort, Rieker ladies sandals are a joy to wear. The attention to detail is second to none and the range of designs is incomparable. Whether you want something simple like the Rieker 64288-40 YORKIE or perhaps something more elaborate like the Rieker 69713-64 ROBJEWEL, Rieker have something for everyone. With their differing lasts, Rieker are able to cater for a large number of foot shapes, making finding your perfect sandals so much easier. Their anti-stress technology is often added to their sandals for additional comfort. Buy your Rieker ladies sandals from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Rieker stockist.

Rieker Ladies Shoes

Rieker provide comfortable shoes that don't skimp on style. Their commitment to comfort can be seen in every last detail of their shoes, right down to their "Anti-stress" technology that graces the insoles of many of their shoes. Their attention to detail continues right down the line to their last shapes, we incorporate the name of the last into our name for the shoes, meaning that if two shoes have the same first three letters at the beginning then they have been created using the same last and should therefore fit identically. The Dorwin 58353-15 is the perfect example of Riekers commitment to comfort. Buy your Rieker ladies shoes from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Rieker stockist.

Rieker Ladies Boots

Rieker cover all forms of boots, from long to short, heeled to flat, they have something for everyone. Their anti-stress technology offers comfort and support while the soft leather or synthetic uppers make these a joy to wear. The Rieker 93756-42 BERNACUFF is a stunning example of the comfort and style Rieker embodies when creating shoes. Buy your Rieker ladies boots from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Rieker stockist.

History of Rieker 

Rieker started off as a small shoe factory in the city of Tuttlingen in the Black Forest area of Southern Germany. This now popular brand was founded in 1874 by Heinrich Rieker and Carl Seitz and was originally known as Rieker & Seitz, the Seitz name was dropped from the name in 1901 when Carl Seitz left the company. When Heinrich Rieker passed away in 1905, management of the company was taken over by his three sons Heinrich, Karl and Ernst and has been in the family for 5 generations. This German footwear brand very quickly became a household name built on a reputation for style, unquestionable quality and unrivalled workmanship around the world.

By 1969, the company had become so large that they had to be split up into three divisions to function effectively and in the 1970’s the company’s headquarters were moved to Switzerland. Today, Rieker employs approximately 20 000 people around the world in offices, factories and warehouses. Their unique anti-stress footwear is sold in more than nine thousand retailers around Europe.

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Rieker Shoes

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