Womens Superfeet Insoles

Superfeet Insoles

Superfeet insoles have helped people do some pretty amazing things since 1977 by changing the way their shoes feet, perform and fit. Their insoles can help a wide range of foot health related issues. They are available online & in store.

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Womens Superfeet Insoles

Our Range Of Superfeet Insoles

The Flex Thin and Flex Medium Insoles

Perfect for use with more fitted footwear, the 1432-08 Flex Thin insoles come in at 3mm thick. Their design offers comfort throughout a range of activities. The 1433-30 Flex Insoles are slightly thicker at 4mm, designed to offer long-term comfort in casual and sports footwear. Buy your Superfeet insoles from Begg Shoes, an official Superfeet stockist.

Superfeet Heritage Insoles

The Heritage range offers a ‘biomechanical shape’ bringing the many years of Superfeet clinical experience to bear on their signature insole model. They are manufactured using high-density foam for cushioning and support underfoot. An ‘Antimicrobial Coating’ is added to help keep your feet fresh. The ‘stabiliser cup’ is a key feature designed to offer support to the back of the foot, adding structure and stability to the profile of the insole. The heel cup is a key area of difference in Superfeet compared to competitors, this is the area where Superfeet provide greatest support, instead of further forward under the arch as seen in most orthotic insoles.

Superfeet Insole Thickness

The Heritage insoles come in three thicknesses; 0340-30 Heritage (black) is the thinnest and is well suited to most shoes with limited spare volume. The 0240-72 Heritage (blue) is a medium thickness unit and is best suited to shoes where insoles are removable or where you wish to decrease the volume or width by taking up space with and insole. The classic Green 0140-90 offers the thickest of the insoles and is best used in outdoor walking, golf or sports shoes where there is a significant amount of volume to accommodate the insole within the shoe.

Superfeet Size Conversion

Superfeet a manufactured in letter named size groups - please use our handy conversion chart within product images to guide you to the right size. Superfeet are designed to be trimmed and can be used in more than one pair of shoes. The best and easiest way to trim your Superfeet to size is to remove the insole from your shoe and draw a line on the bottom of your Superfeet Insole to mark the outline, then trim to the line.

Are Superfeet For Walking Boots?

Superfeet are best known for their use sports and walking shoes and boot. However, the only difference between Superfeet for regular, everyday shoes and trainers and Superfeet for walking boots is the thickness of the insole. We have a range of the slimmer, easier to use Superfeet that are certainly not just for specialist outdoor or training footwear.

Superfeet for Converse

Some of the most successful users of Superfeet we are seeing are those using them to improve the stability and fit qualities of basic, everyday shoes and trainers. Great combinations include Superfeet for Converse trainers as well as Superfeet for Vans – they give your favourite kicks vastly improved fit, stability and comfort which can help you on a long day in your favourite trainers. While the classic black Converse All Star may not be synonymous with foot stability, arch support and foot health the addition of the Classic Black Insoles or the entry-level Flex Thin Insoles can make them a high performing and supportive shoe, more suitable for extended or everyday use if you find flat canvas trainer can cause a problem for you

Superfeet Orthotic Insoles

Superfeet are not an orthotic insole, however, for anyone who does require a fully customised (very expensive) orthotic insole, they can also benefit from Superfeet as an orthotic insole for everyday shoes. We know from experience in shoe fitting that orthotic insoles can be very difficult to fit in some of your favourite shoes styles and shapes. Superfeet can be a helpful compromise – an interim solution – when the ‘full size’ orthotic is too full-sized for your favourite shoes!

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