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Walk in the City

Our range of Walk in the City shoes offer Italian shoes for women in comfortable designs manufactured in quality leathers. Many of their styles can also be considered Wide Fit shoes and our customers find their shoes very comfortable.

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Walk in the City Women's Shoes

Walk in the CityWalk in the City shoes are made in Gazzada in the Varese region of Northern Italy, with the range being handpicked by the Begg family to suit the specific needs of our customers. Walk in the City women’s shoes provide mules which can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to the beautiful leather uppers and the light, durable polyurethane outer soles. They can be used as slippers or outdoor shoes and are extremely comfortable due to the soft leather uppers and the cushioned inner soles.

Walk in the City shoes are finished to a very high standard and they use the latest materials and technologies to create these wonderful women’s shoes. As well as being crafted using such high-quality materials, Walk in the City also incorporate extra detailing and trims on their shoes which gives them an attractive appeal for women.

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