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Flat Shoes

Probably one of our biggest wardrobe staples, the perfect pair of flats are a wonderful thing. From smart to casual, black to rainbow, strappy to fully enclosed, the multitude of options on the market can be bewildering. Here at Beggs Shoes we have you covered… your perfect flat is just a couple of clicks away…

Styles of Flat Shoes:


Possibly one of the most commonly bought styles of shoe, the pump or ballerina flat features an enclosed toe, heel and sides while leaving the top of the foot exposed, as a ballet shoe would. A quick and easy slip on this style of shoe features heavily in many a wardrobe and covers a magnitude of occasions. A plain black pump with a supportive comfort sole might just be the perfect work shoe such as the Pennybow from IMAC shoes while for a special occasion perhaps a bright and beautiful patent pump would do the trick such as the pink pump from Wonders: the Labruni.


A real wardrobe staple, perfect with jeans for a more casual look or with a dress for a more formal occasion, the loafer is a beautifully structured shoe that covers the toe, heel and sides of the foot while leaving part of the upper exposed. Typically, more structured and often with a squarer toe box than a pump, the moccasin is a real comfort shoe. Available in multiple colours, these Ambition Antoni shoes are perfect for adding classic style to any outfit.

Slip on:

An easy, pop it on and go option, the slip-on shoe covers a multitude of eventualities. Typically comprising of a mainly enclosed foot, with perhaps elasticated sides to the opening for ease of use. The slip on shoe tends to be more of a casual option and these Skechers represent just that: Moonshadow Skechers though there are some smarter options and the Cherry from Jana style from Jana shoes is a perfect example. 


From trainers to sneakers to hi tops to boots, lacing flats come in many shapes and styles and are a brilliant addition to any wardrobe. Particularly good for those with perhaps more awkward feet, depending on where the lacing starts, the lace fastenings can be used to help determine the width of the shoe, the lower down the foot the lacing starts the more effective it will be. From casual IMAC Antaglo to sporty Skechers Go Step Sport to a smart pair of Marco Tozzi Dota there is something for everyone.



Established in Ziri in Slovenia in 1947, Alpina started out designing ski boots, which they are still renowned for. Alpina shoes are made in Europe and carry a ISO9001 certificate (UKAS certified quality). They use innovative technologies to give superb quality and comfort at a competitive price. Alpina use premium leathers for their shoes and a beautifully flexible sole for sublime comfort (try the Alpina Lovage). Buy your Alpina ladies flat shoes from Beggs Shoes and Bags, an Alpina Stockist.


Ambition shoes are exclusive to Beggs Shoes and Bags and are of our own design. Using beautifully soft and flexible top quality leather outers and linings, Ambitions shoes truly are a work of art. The leather uppers paired with light and flexible sole units offers supreme comfort. Ambition draws its inspiration from Continental styling and effortlessly combines bold colours with classic cuts for timeless and effortless style (try Antone). Buy your Ambition ladies flat shoes from Beggs Shoes and Bags, a stockist of Ambition.


With over 6 decades of experience, Ara create high quality shoes with exceptional fit and comfort. A family business that produces shoes worldwide, Ara carefully select all their materials and the shoes are intensively hand crafted. Ara consider feet to be a ‘3D work of art’ and use their designs to both enhance and benefit the feet (try Pisachanel 2263306-04). Buy your Ara ladies flat shoes from Beggs Shoes and Bags, an Ara Stockist.


Established in 1963, Ecco bring over 50 years of experience to their shoes. A family owned business from Denmark, Ecco seamlessly blend style, comfort and practicality. One of the most highly recommended brands by chiropodists and podiatrists, Ecco use an ergonomically designed removable insole for added comfort and support. Their PU injected outsoles create a firm bond with the shoe making them incredibly durable while allowing them to be light and flexible. Ecco also own every part of the manufacturing process ‘from cow to shoe’ allowing them to exercise exceptional quality control which can be seen in a pair Ecco Soft 7 Ladies shoes. Buy your Ecco ladies flat shoes from Beggs Shoes and Bags, a stockist of Ecco.


Gabor are renowned for being a fantastically stylish and comfortable brand. Their use of premium quality leathers paired with over 85 years of shoe crafting experience makes Gabor shoes a joy to wear. Comfort is a massive part of any Gabor shoe, alongside superb quality and exceptional design. Gabor strive for perfection and to provide something for everyone. Their Hovercraft insoles provide extra comfort using air cushioned soles which you'll find in a pair of Gabor Rosalie 64.162.12. Buy your Gabor ladies flat shoes from Beggs Shoes and Bags, a Gabor stockist.


Established in Italy in 1974 by two brothers, IMAC encompass everything you would expect from Italian shoes. Exceptional quality, superb fit and incredibly stylish. Imac use PU injected outsoles for durability and comfort while providing a light and flexible sole. Imac shoes also feature a removable insole, perfect if you use orthotics and these Imac Edith are perfect.  Buy your IMAC ladies flats from Beggs Shoes and Bags, an IMAC Shoes stockist.


Established in 1874 in Germany, Rieker have gone from strength to strength and now hold their headquarters in Switzerland. Renowned for supreme comfort and exceptional quality, Rieker use different last shapes to create their shoes to provide something for everyone. Once you have found your prefect Rieker shoe, we use the last name in the name of the shoe to make picking more perfect shoes a walk in the park. For example, Daiscros 46363-14, Daismac 464h0-31, and Daisela 46362-80 while looking different are all made on the ‘dais’ last and will give the same comfort and fit. Rieker are also using ‘anti-stress’ technology in many of their shoes to provide extra comfort throughout the sole unit. Buy your Rieker ladies flats from Beggs Shoes and Bags, a Rieker stockist.


The Swiss-German sister company of Rieker, Remonte offer quirky style paired with superb comfort. Their attention to detail paired with the European flair for style allows them to create so truly special shoes. Like Rieker, we use the name of the lasts used at the beginning of the names of all Remonte shoes to allow ease of shopping and happy feet. For example Dorlas D1635-64 and Doricar D1627-62 are created with the same last and offer the same comfort and fit.


World famous, Skechers are everywhere, on our feet, in our wardrobes and on our TV’s and for good reason. Skechers provide comfort which is second to none. The use of a memory foam or goga-mat (the same material yoga mats are made from) insole makes the shoes sublimely comfortable while the lightweight uppers and flexible outsoles make them incredibly wearable. Established in California in 1992, Skechers offer over 25 years of experience and a fun, unique take on a slightly sportier style such as the Go Walk 4 in Turquoise. Buy your Skechers ladies flat shoes from Beggs Shoes and Bags, a Skechers Stockist.

Marco Tozzi

Marco Tozzi are owned by German company Wortmann, and create stylish, trendy and affordable shoes for all occasions. A large selection of Macro Tozzi shoes feature their antishock technology making them fantastically comfortable to wear. Marco Tozzi use unique detailing along with an array of colours and styles to create a fantastically versatile and wearable range of shoes. (try Marco Tozzi Borgano 22108-445). Buy your Marco Tozzi ladies shoes from Beggs Shoes and Bags, a Marco Tozzi Stockist.


Also, part of the Wortmann group, Tamaris offer fashionable and comfortable ladies footwear. The use of their ‘touch it’ technology in the insoles of many of their shoes adds comfort and wearability. Their range of colours, finishes and designs means that Tamaris really do create something for everyone. Tamaris blend expertise with quality and comfort to ensure they provide a superbly desirable product. (try the Tamaris Taurus 24668-874). Buy your Tamaris ladies flat shoes from Beggs Shoes and Bags, a Tamaris stockist.


Made near Alicante in Spain, Wonders use high quality Italian leathers both for the linings and outers of their shoes making them wonderfully light, comfortable and breathable. Wonders use a rubber sole for added comfort which paired with the leather uppers keeps the shoes superbly light and flexible. Wonders are a family owned brand with three generations of experience, allowing close control over the quality of the leathers used and the final products. (try Wonders A6107-00) . Buy your Wonders Ladies flats from Beggs Shoes and Bags, a Wonders stockist.

Beggs Shoes and Bags are also stockists of Hi Tec, Padders, Heavenly Feet, walk in the City, Earth Spirit, Jana, Legero, Adesso, Antonio Dolfi, Fly London. Buy your flat ladies shoes from Beggs Shoes and Bags.

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