How to clean shoes

How to Clean Shoes with Woly Combi Cleaner If you want to clean shoes, that’s easy with the combi cleaner from WOLY which is a Magical Mousse cleaner!! It cleans, cares for and impregnates all smooth and rough leathers, suede, fabric satin and synthetics. Not only does it remove dirt but it also removes mould, salt and […]

Skechers Winners

Skechers Winners In May we had a fantastic Skechers competition where we gave away 10 pairs. Here are some of our winners receiving their new shoes…   Skechers has become a popular brand worldwide and is an American brand which specialises in casual, sporty styles of footwear, and has become a very popular brand. The company started […]

Summer Outfits #1

2016 Summer Outfits Summer Outfits #1 It’s nearly time for your summer holiday, so we’ve put together a summer style idea. So if you’re going camping in Cornwall, lying on the beach in Spain or spending a week on a yacht in Greece this outfit is a must have for your summer wardrobe. We’ve paired […]

Kirkwall Tog Parade

Kirkwall Tog Parade For those who don’t know, Orkney became part of Scotland in 1468 where it had been ruled for about 500 years before by Norse Earls, whose influence stretched as far as Ireland and who travelled as far as the Holy Land. Every year on the 17th May Orkney celebrates to mark the Norwegian Constitution Day. […]

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