Best shoes for nursingBEST SHOES FOR NURSING

It goes without saying that Nursing is a demanding job that means you may spend hours on your feet and we often have nurses coming in asking “What are the best shoes for Nurses?”

We have put together this handy guide for anyone who stands for long periods of time and is looking for a pair of comfortable and supportive shoes.


What shoes do Nurses need?

When shopping for the best shoes for nursing, first and foremost you should ensure that your shoes are comfortable and of a high quality. If your profession is any from running alongside a gurney in A&E or checking in on patients on the ward, you’ll most likely be spending most of your day/week on your feet in these shoes. Which makes it vitally important when investing in a good pair of shoes to know for certain that good quality materials have been used.

Nursing Shoes

Spending all day on your feet puts your lower extremities under a lot of stress and if you’re consistently wearing shoes that are unsupportive, could lead to achy arches, joint or back pain and other uncomfortable problems. A good piece of advice we could give is to have 2 pairs of shoes to wear during a 12hr shift. Ideally it’s advisable to wear the first pair for 6 hours and then change over to your next pair for the next 6 hrs. This will “freshen up” your feet half way through your day/shift. Thankfully we have a vast selection of Womens Comfortable Shoes which offer excellent support and are made with high quality materials.

Here are some important things that you should consider when buying nursing shoes.

  • Construction & Weight
  • Support & Stability
  • Slip Resistance
  • Design & Construction
  • Value for Money
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Our list of the Best Shoes for Nurses

1. Skechers Safety Work Sure Track: Best Overall


These Skechers Works Shoes get our top vote for the best overall shoes as they have been specially designed for the purpose of being a work shoes. The slip resistant rubber outside is not only oil resistant but the whole shoes comes with an EH (Electrical Hazard) design which conforms to EN ISO 20347:2012 OB E FO SRC Standards.

Skechers Safety Work Shoes

2. Alpina Eikelea 95 Tex: Best Slip On


If you prefer a slip on style of Nursing shoes then these are ideal Navy Nurses Shoes. Elastic gussets on the side make it easier to slip on and off while the water resistant tex membrane helps to keep your feet dry. Made with a premium leather these shoes will mould to the shape of your foot for a comfortable fit. The PU sole is lightweight and shock absorbing which helps to relieve stress and pressure on your feet from standing all day.

Nursing Shoes

3. Clarks Un Adorn Zip: Best Overall


We love the clean look of these Clarks Navy Comfort Shoes. With a slight shimmer to the trim of these adds a little glam to what would otherwise be a boring nurses uniform. With a side outside gusset and side zip you’ll be able to put these on and off easily. Your feet will stay fresh and comfortable all day thanks to the combination of the padded leather linings and Ortholite footbed. The EVA and rubber sole unit means these are light and flexible and deliver enhanced traction when you need it.

4. Legero Tanaro 4.0 GTX: Best for Comfort


When it comes to high quality comfort these Legero Comfort Lacing Shoes come out on top! Not what you would usually consider for a pair of Nursing Shoes, but these black leather shoes with a  PU sole are lightweight and flexible while offering an improved grip. While the removable insole gives you a roomier fit or allows you to insert your own orthotics. Made with GORE-TEX technology in the lining makes them waterproof while still allowing your feet to breathe.

Legero Nursing Shoes

5. IMAC Karenal 7360-1400011: Best Value


These black lace up comfort shoes are perfect for those on their feet all day. With a cushioned insole and padded collar, they’re also lightweight and breathable ensuring a comfortable step underfoot. Made in Italy the lightweight trainers which make running up & down the walls of a hospital ward or Dr’s rooms all day a breeze.

IMAC Nursing Shoes

6. Skechers Safety Work Eldred: Best Trainers


For those after a pair of Nursing Shoes more like trainers, then these Skechers Work Shoes are ideal.  Featuring an Electrical Hazard Safe Design as well as a slip resistant rubber traction, you’ll love these for all day wear. The Skechers Relaxed Fit design has a slightly wider fit while the laces ensure a secure and adjustable fit. The padded tongue and footbed will make standing on your feet all day more comfortable.

Skechers Work Shoes

7. Skechers Breathe Easy: Best Casual


These are not your usual style of Nurses Shoes, but if you work in Dr’s rooms or are after a more casual look that’s comfortable for all day wear, then these Skechers trainers might be for you. Featuring their Relaxed Fit design and Memory Foam footbed, these ladies Skechers offer a roomier and comfortable fit. While the cushioning sole unit takes pressure off the feet.

Skechers trainers for nurses

8. Crocs Specialist 2: Alternative Option


Although we wouldn’t usually recommend a pair of Crocs for all day wear, especially for nurses, but after a recently visit to our local hospital to visit a friend I noticed a large number of nurses wearing Crocs. So felt this article wouldn’t be complete without at least mentioning them. The Specialist 2 has a solid upper which makes these more suited for nurses than the standard style of Crocs.

Crocs for Nurses