The Foot Function

baby feet walking

At Beggs most of our managers and sales staff have gone through professional shoe fitters training which includes learning about foot function. As part of this qualification they have had to study the structure and function of the feet to ensure they fully understand how feet work so that they can advise all our customers on the best fit for their individual feet when buying their next pair of shoes.

Feet are uniquely structured and specially designed to cope with a lifetime of activities and a range of body weight. With the complex and constant balancing act that walking requires; co-ordination of many muscles is needed to place one leg & foot in front of the other and humans are the only mammals capable of walking upright on two limbs. As our feet are weight bearers it goes without saying that the heavier our body weight the harder our feet have to work which is why wearing ill fitting shoes can affect our entire physiology. Not only is it our feet that can suffer; our joints, legs, hips, back, shoulders and even our neck may suffer too.

Did you know each foot carries twice your body weight on every step…

A little more detail on the foots structure

Each foot is made up of 26 bones, 19 muscles, 107 ligaments and 250 000 sweat glands all working together to balance the whole body as mentioned before and to act as a shock absorber. A healthy foot is one in which all the parts are in good condition and performing their functions properly. There are more bones in the human foot than in any other part of the body.

Foot functionWhen standing the body weight should normally rest on 3 points of the foot:

  • 50% on the heel
  • 25% on the big toe joint
  • 25% distributed on the other 4 toes and across the ball of the foot.

When the foot starts walking the body weight moves through the foot and the weight path goes along a pre-determined path:

  • 1st through the heel.
  • Next along the outer edge of the foot.
  • Lastly it goes across the ball of the foot to the base of the big toe.


walking around the world

The human being is the only “animal” that is a heel-and-toe walker and will walk on average 6-8 times around the world in their lifetime.


At Begg Shoes we take foot health seriously and would encourage all our customers to visit one of our 8 shoe shops to get professional advice on the fitting and suitability of your next pair of shoes.  Even if you are only experiencing some minor foot problems, our advice could be the difference between having feet that are in agony or walking around in pain-free comfort! The main purpose of having shoes that fit properly is to prevent foot health problems before they happen.  We want to impart our knowledge about shoe fitting, the manufacture and materials used in shoes to help our customers.  The best bit of all is that the service we provide is free – so why not come in and seek out some guidance from us?

Foot function of healthy feet