Best Work Shoes for women

What makes a good work shoe and why should we buy them?


Why should I spend my money on buying excellent quality shoes, especially when they are just for work? This is a topic which is frequently discussed with our instore customers so we thought a blog on the subject would be a good idea – let us know what you think after you’ve read it!

Most people don’t want to spend too much money on work related items but the point is, you don’t have to overspend on work shoes, you just need to find the right pair. Also, most people don’t seem to like shopping for work shoes either… unless you are like us and you love buying shoes to feed your shoe addiction!

Good work shoes

You might see shoes in supermarkets or high street value fashion chains at very low prices and think ‘ah they are perfect for work, I don’t want to spend money on work shoes’. However, you then need to replace these shoes every few weeks so is it really good value for money? Whereas, you could buy one good quality pair of shoes for around £50 that will last for months – possibly longer. And that one ‘good’ pair of shoes can provide more support and of course, be more comfortable to wear, for that time.

Aside from the money aspect, there is your health to consider – foot health in particular of course but not forgetting the rest of your body too. Whatever shoes you decide to wear, they will not only affect your feet but also your ankle, knee and hip joints, your lower back, and the postural alignment of your whole body. In terms of work shoes or everyday shoes or any shoes you are wearing for majority of the time, it is important to ensure that they are comfortable, cushioned and supportive for your feet.

did you know

There are 26 bones in each foot (2 feet = 52 bones = ¼ of the bones in your skeleton are in your feet) and there are 250 000 sweat glands on your feet (slightly gross fact but important).


For some time it was fashionable to wear high heeled stiletto shoes for work however, now you see more people choosing to work in lightweight ballerina pumps – these flat shoes must be better for your feet compared to heels? Nope, sorry this is a myth. This type of footwear offers very little – or no – protection and support for feet and overall posture, especially the flimsy, lightweight pumps which are widely available from high street fashion chains. These styles of shoes are what they say – they are fashion shoes not built for work or long term wear.

‘’If we aren’t in our bed, then we are up on our feet so one should always have a good mattress and good shoes’’ – Anon.


Have you ever experienced the following aches and pains when on your feet all day:
• Sore/aching calf muscles?
• Heel pain?
• Pain in the balls of your feet?
• Lower back pain?
• Sore/aching hamstring muscles (back of your thighs)?

These could be caused by incorrect footwear, shoes that are too flat, not enough cushioning, or not enough support, for example. We stock many excellent quality leather shoes of various styles and designs – why not pop in or browse online and see our full collection? Here are some examples below of what could be good choices for work shoes or everyday shoes for women.


ECCO Shoes offer premium support with their direct injection polyurethane sole units. Direct injection PU soles are extremely lightweight and flexible, and we often recommend these shoes to those who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis. Suitable for long days on your feet, ECCO Shoes are hard wearing and long lasting.

Ecco Soft 2.0



Made with super soft Italian leather, IMAC Shoes offer incredible comfort at excellent value for money. Padded lining and built-in arch support provides lasting comfort from the very first moment.

Good work shoes


Known all over for their exceptional comfort, flexible designs and superb value for money, Rieker Shoes are sought after all over the world. Their patented Antistress Technology offers lightweight comfort combined with soft materials for lasting support.


gabor SHOES

Gabor shoes have become a sought after brand, especially for office wear. Their collection of pumps and heels features high quality materials and expert construction coming together in a beautiful shoe. Making them the best shoes for work for women. Browse our full collection of Womens Gabor Shoes online or visit us in store to try on a pair.Gabor Work Shoes for Women



So, the next time you are shopping for shoes, come into one of our stores and try some of these styles on and find out for yourself just how good these shoes feel!


What makes a ‘good quality’ shoe?

A good pair of shoes for work comes down to 2 things; 1. Construction and 2. Materials. Good work shoes which are of a superior quality should offer you the wearer a good level of support. They should also provide light to medium cushioning underfoot and a low heel or wedge will help to alleviate strain on the lower back and legs.  In terms of their physical qualities, if you’re looking for a pair of good work shoes, then they should be made using premium materials (usually leather), which have been formed into anatomically designed shapes to provide the correct fit and support.

What type of shoe should I wear?

If you are looking to buy a premium high quality pair of shoes that will provide you the best fit and support then you can’t beat trainers or lace up shoes – and luckily these are in fashion right now so there are lots to choose from! To be honest, we will help you find the right shoe depending on what you need it for as we understand that different work environments have different footwear requirements. But we won’t forget about what styles you like – as good as trainers are, we understand they might not be suitable for all jobs. So we will help to find a cushioned and supportive style that will work for you.

What material is the best for shoes?

Leather shoes are often best at providing natural breathability but there are some excellent man-made materials such as Gore-Tex membranes which also provide this as well as waterproofing. Each material has its own unique qualities and strengths, nubuck leather or suede is extremely soft against your skin, patent leather is easy to keep looking good for longer and polished leather is a classic look which can be easily maintained. Some companies, such as ECCO shoes, use high-tech materials and special treatments over the leathers to ensure the best quality for their products.