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GORE-TEX Boots | Which Brands Make GORE-TEX

It is time to get acquainted with GORE-TEX. Many of our regular shoppers will have seen or heard of the term GORE-TEX from our fabulous footwear consultants in our store, or will at least have seen the GORE-TEX water tanks in our windows. In this blog, I will be discussing just what GORE-TEX is, and which brands make GORE-TEX Boots.

As the weather starts to change and the nights begin to draw in, our attention soon turns to how best to keep warm and dry this winter. Some of you may have already swapped your summer wardrobe out for your winter wardrobe, and some of you may be wondering what on earth a summer or a winter wardrobe is. Either way, we will all be looking at our jumpers and scarves with a renewed fondness after the heat of a very good summer


In short, GORE-TEX is guaranteed to keep you dry. The only technology to claim 100% waterproofing, GORE-TEX have undertaken rigorous experimentation to offer a completely waterproof membrane.

There are three stages of meticulous testing. Firstly, they test the material itself in the laboratory. This provides a stable starting point for developing and strengthening their products. Secondly, they use human performance to refine the GORE-TEX product. This is imperative to designing usable products that not only sound great in theory, but work in practice. Since GORE-TEX technology is used by brands offering goods to be used by real people, testing the product with a variety of people and activities is the best way to determine how the technology will respond. Finally, the GORE-TEX technology is trialled out in the field. Since GORE-TEX is designed for a whole range of active lifestyles and locations, testing the product in all elements and terrains is vital for ensuring that GORE-TEX is the best it can be.

And it doesn’t end there. GORE-TEX footwear is tested using walking simulators and a water bath, whilst moisture sensors inside the shoe will alert to any dampness. A centrifugal test determines if any water droplets can make their way through the membrane. If they do, that product does not succeed production.


The GORE-TEX membrane can be best understood using the diagram above. As depicted, the blue water droplets cannot penetrate the membrane, whilst the red sweat molecules are able to pass through to keep your feet dry and fresh. The breathable membrane is ideal for a highly active lifestyle or running for the bus in the rain. The GORE-TEX membrane consists of a single layer, meaning rapid drying times, light weight products and ultimate breathability. You will experience all day comfort and relief, secure in the knowledge that your feet will stay dry from water and sweat. The GORE-TEX technology works both outdoors and indoors, and across varying temperatures, so you can go about your day at your leisure.


As well as the original GORE-TEX technology, we at Begg Shoes also offer GORE-TEX Surround. This combines the technology of GORE-TEX with the surround fit of a shoe. Whilst both GORE-TEX and GORE-TEX SURROUND are 100% waterproof and both are guaranteed to keep you dry, the SURROUND technology incorporates large sole gaps to allow warmth and body moisture to escape. And don’t worry about having to avoid puddles; a GORE-TEX layer is enveloping your feet to ensure a 100% waterproof shoe. As with the original GORE-TEX technology, sweat molecules can pass through the membrane whilst water cannot get in.


Our selection of Women’s GORE-TEX boots include established brands such as Ara, Clarks, ECCO, Fly London, Hotter and Legero.


Our selection of Men’s GORE-TEX boots include established brands such as Clarks, ECCO, Legero, Mephisto and Merrell.


Our selection of Kid’s GORE-TEX boots include established brands such as Clarks, ECCO, Primigi and Superfit.