Handbag Storage Ideas

If you’re a bit like us you have a love for handbags. Not only should a woman have a handbag for every day of the week but she should have one for special occasions as well. So whether you’re going for a family picnic or a friends wedding you need a handbag for all occasions and don’t forget they should even match your shoes. But we know¬†the problem comes in with where and how should one store all these beautiful handbags just waiting to be bought?

Well look no further…

We here at Begg Shoes have solved the problem for you. We have scoured the internet in search for simple, quick & cost effective handbag storage solutions.
Have a browse below and leave a comment with your favourite…

1. We quite like this idea. It looks simple enough to do on your own and fairly inexpensive. Pop out to your local hardware store and get some inexpensive shower curtain hooks. Hook them over the rod in your closet and voila! Easy on & off, easy to view & off the floor.


Handbag Storage Idea

2. This door handbag storage idea works well too if you don’t have space in your closet for handbag storage as shown in picture 1 but do have space behind your bedroom door or if you’re lucky enough behind the door of your walk-in wardrobe.
Handbag Storage Idea

3. If you prefer a slightly more organized look then perhaps this storage option is a better choice for you. The only problem we see is that the little boxes could get quite dusty over time and you would need a fair amount of space.

Handbag Storage Idea

4. Lastly, we bring you this great idea. Not only is it an easy storage solution but it also brings a pop of colour to your home. Your handbags are easy to get to and could become quite a great feature in your home especially when you hang your bags on beautiful hooks like these.

Handbag Storage Idea

Whichever storage idea you decide to go for, make sure to pop in store or have a look online at the range of bags Begg Shoes has to offer!