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At Begg Shoes we always try to provide our customers with the best shoes out there in terms of style and quality and Vans are a brand we believe are a great addition to our range. While some of our customers may already be aware of the brand, it will be new to others so we would like to take a moment to share some of our thoughts on these fantastic Vans shoes.

Vans trainers are everywhere, you may not have realised yet but once you read this you won’t be able to stop noticing people wearing them thanks to their distinctive trademark style. Vans trainers have a wide appeal to all ages and this is only set to grow as fashionistas and celebrities are spotted wearing them from Rhianna and Kristen Stewart to Justin Bieber and Daniel Radcliffe. And this is also part of their appeal, they are for men and women with many of their most popular styles being unisex.

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For over fifty years Vans have been producing rubber cup sole trainers that first grabbed the imagination of alternative sport stars in skateboarding and surfing and then went on to became a cultural phenomenon. From 1976 Vans have been using the tagline “Off the wall” to describe their shoes after the joined forces with skateboarding pros to create a design that would become the shoe of choice for skateboarders for a generation. The reason for the appeal to skateboarders is that the unique waffle outsole is very grippy which helps when performing skateboarding tricks. But don’t imagine that these trainers are limited to sports activities, read on for some styling tips.


For the days when you want to walk in comfort but need to look smart for work then try Vans va3il2iju-30 Maddie with slim-fitting cropped black trousers, a smart black top and a grey boyfriend blazer (with or without the sleeves rolled up). This style of shoe is so versatile – everyone wants an easy everyday outfit for while you’re out shopping or meeting friends for lunch so try them with blue jeans, a grey top and a duster coat. Add a chic shoulder bag such as Marina Galanti nude to complete the look.

Footwear Trends Guide How To Wear Vans

Sight-seeing or walking around on holiday calls for comfortable footwear. Look no further than Vans VA32QKK4P-90 Camden Stripe. For warmer weather trips wear with denim shorts and a coloured t-shirt with a cotton jumper over your shoulders for a simple, practical outfit. For cooler weather trips wear with leggings, a tunic top and denim jacket to give you plenty of options as you dip in and out of museums or shops. Keep your hands free to take photos and carry all your essential items in a backpack such as this lightweight version from Kipling K15641 City S.

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Smart casual can be a sartorial mine-field; how smart is too smart? How casual is too casual? Put your fears to rest with Vans VA38CBQ2N-00 Chapman Stripe. Wear with crisply ironed chinos and a short-sleeved button down shirt for the perfect look for barbeques or drinks while your feet enjoy the comfort of a trainer. Bar work or being a waiter in a restaurant often requires a black uniform including shoes and Vans VTUY186 Atwood make a great choice. Pair with skinny black jeans and a black t-shirt or button down shirt for a comfortable and practical outfit.

Going away on holiday often means making a strict choice on footwear usually due to baggage weight restrictions. Vans VA327LQ1K-70 Atwood is a great choice as these shoes will be comfortable on the flight or while travelling, and are great for walking around sightseeing. The navy colour will go well with chinos or jeans – pair with red shorts, a white linen shirt and stylish sunglasses for a look that will take you from day to night.


Lots of kids wear Vans to school (in Scotland it seems at least!) but you don’t need to limit your children to the classic styles of Vans VA349SIJU-30 Chapman Stripe and VKI5186 Atwood Youth. There are fun printed designs available with VA38DUQ5J Atwood Low Youth or clean design chic with VA38J2Q2N Chapman Stripe. Maybe your child is a budding skateboard champion or just loves the style of Vans but either way Vans V00ONIY28-32 Old Skool Backpack is a stylish choice for them.

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This article was written by Veronica Lyne-Pirkis