Legero boots
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Legero Shoes

Another of our favourite brands, Legero are fantastically comfortable and stylish. Their stylish take on the more functional footwear ensures them a place in our hearts and in our wardrobes.  Founded in 1872 in Graz, Austria; Legero produce functional and stylish sports inspired footwear. Designing their shoes for everyday use, Legero shoes are suited to all seasons.

Their use of GORE-TEX in the majority of their footwear offers a breathable and waterproof finish. Crafted for use in both the city and country, Legero shoes will do it all. The shoes are designed to be lightweight and flexible, offering protection to the feet as well.  GORE-TEX is a breathable and semi-permeable membrane sandwiched between the upper and the lining of your shoes. The porous membrane of GORE-TEX allows the smaller vapour molecules of sweat and moisture out of the shoes while blocking the larger water molecules creating a comfortable foot environment. Legero use an injection moulded insole for a lightweight and flexible shoe with a durability perfect for daily wear.


Legero ladies shoes blend functionality and style with ease. The GORE-TEX membrane ensures a waterproof finish while the bold colours and touches of detailing add a more feminine twist. Their 00550-76 Olbia Gore is a personal favourite. The petrol blue upper features quilted detailing while the contrasting sole unit adds a chic touch to these lacing shoes. For slip on shoes, it doesn’t get better than the 00568-01 Softshoe Gore-Tex. These slip on shoes feature elasticated panels in the black leather upper for a secure and easy to use fit. Perfect with their PU injection moulded sole units, these shoes are both lightweight and flexible. Buy your Legero ladies shoes from Begg Shoes, an official Legero stockist.

Short Boots

Benefiting, as all Legero products do, from the addition of a GORE-TEX membrane, our range of Legero boots is ideal for the winter weather or a normal day in Scotland. PU injection moulded sole units make these short boots incredibly lightweight and flexible, perfect for all day wear. Legero’s 00552-00 Olbiank Gore-Tex offers both a stylish take on the laced ankle boot and a practical walking boot. The black suede upper is enhanced with quilting detailing while the contrasting sole unit adds a pop of colour while lace fastenings ensure a secure and adjustable fit. The 00570-80 Softboot Gore-Tex offers a more relaxed finish with its less structured design. Soft navy suede encases the feet with these boots while the laces add security to the fit. Buy your Legero ladies short boots from Begg Shoes, an official Legero stockist.

Long Boots

Who doesn’t love a pair of long boots come the winter? Legero have not only ensured their boots are waterproof, most feature a wonderful fluffy lining for the ultimate in comfort and cosiness. Their range of long boots feature PU injection moulded sole units for a fantastically flexible and lightweight finish. Full zips are used on the boots and many feature adjustable straps for your ideal fit. For a stunning knee boot, the 00546-02 Trekking Gore-Tex offers style and functionality. These black suede boots feature strap detailing with a buckle on the lower strap. The addition of a full zip to the inside of these boots makes them fantastically easy to use. 00544-02 Trekkmid Gore-Tex is a mid-calf length boot in black with strap and buckle detailing around the ankle. The full zip to the inside of the leg makes these wonderfully easy to use. Buy your Legero ladies long boots from Begg Shoes, an official Legero stockist.