November Managers Meeting

Twice a year the managers from our 8 shoe shops come together for 2 days of assesments, training & team building. Once the busy buying season is over and before we all begin the mad rush into the festive season Garek, Donald & Fiona Begg bring the managers together to reflect on the past 6 months. They feel this is integral to keeping up the excellent service that we regularly get commented on and recognized for.

Day OneBegg Shoes Logo

This winter our Managers Meeting took place on the 2nd & 3rd of November. Day One saw each manager spending time with the head office team.

James, went over all things related to stock control & accuracy.

Cheries went over some new developments with our website & social media.

Emma, went through some HR protocols

Stuart, covered our new deliveries & returns

Time was also spent with Garek & Donald Begg to over their 6 month appraisals for each shop while Fiona Begg went through presentations, displays & in store planning. The time spent with the Begg’s is valuable to each manager for them to take back to their shops so that each one can continue to improve their service & standard in the retail industry.

After a busy day at the Begg Shoes head office, everyone headed to the Inverness Breakout Games for a fun team building exercise. We split into 2 teams with each team going into identical rooms, we then had to find and solve a variety of clues and puzzles to unlock a number of locks till we had the final key which opened the door. The winning team made it out in 38min with the other team not far behind with escaping in 42 min. This was a lot of fun and highly recommended. After this, everyone was in good spirits and headed to Café 1 in Inverness for a wonderful dinner. Donald, Fiona & Garek joined us all at the restaurant and great evening was had by all.

Day Two

The second day of the bi annual managers meeting brought with it some training & review of the summer season. During the morning Donald Begg gave a presentation on a review of how each Begg Shoes Shoe Shop has performed over the past 6 months. After lunch an advisor from Montor HR Consulting made sure that each of the Begg Shoes managerial team are skilled, confident and effective to running their stores successfully.

Day at Head Office Gallery

Team Building & Dinner