Men’s Shoes for Back Pain: What to Look for

Choosing the right shoes can help to overcome and avoid back pain

If you are experiencing back pain, having comfortable shoes probably seems like a bit of a luxury. While its true to say that wearing the right shoes will not solve all of your problems, it is also true to say that wearing the right shoes can have a really meaningful impact in mitigating and recovering from back pain. Your first point of reference for help with back pain should always be your GP or the NHS advisory page on back pain.

Your feet are immensely complex with 26 bones forming the support and transportation structure for your entire body. Poorly fitting or inappropriate shoes can put your feet added stress and discomfort, which ultimately sends shockwaves and stress onward and upward through you entire body. This means that if you suffer from back pain, wearing good quality shoes that fit really well can make a really important contribution to your recovery from back pain.

Here are our tips on what to look for and some examples from our product ranges that may help you out. We have also written a detailed guide for Women’s Shoes for back pain with tips and advice.

Begg Shoes are undertake professional training with the Society of Shoe fitters and have run Independent shoe stores for over 150 years.

What to look for

Arch support

Heel support

Shock Absorbent



Leather or soft fabric upper

What to avoid

Completely flat shoes

Hard or stiff upper


Rigid sole unit

No arch support

Thin sole unit

Our Top Men’s Shoes for Back Pain

1. Skechers Equal Trail Tex, £79

Best trainers for back pain

Skechers Equal Trail Tex Relaxed Trainers for Back Pain

Lightweight and sporty, our collection of men’s Skechers are ideal for those who suffer from back pain. Built on lightweight sole units they offer fantastic flexibility for ease of movement. This particular style is also waterproof – unlike many trainers they are a bit more practical for all weather conditions. Trainers are always a popular choice for immediate comfort and while they are great for soft, lightweight wear it is worth bearing in mind if you spend all day on your feet you are better off wearing a more substantial and supportive type of footwear – read on.


2. ECCO Citytray, £130

Best smart shoes for back pain

ECCO Citytray Black Smart Shoes for Back Pain

Renowned for their use of performance technology and premium materials, Mens ECCO Shoes are highly sought after and worth every penny. These men’s smart shoes feature a breathable leather upper to help keep feet cool and comfortable. The direct injection PU sole unit is lightweight and offers unbeatable support.

From a technical perspective, direct injection PU is one of the best shoe construction methods for those who suffer from back pain. Shoes made this way are inherently soft, lightweight and flexible but also have sufficient shape to be supportive (not squishy and soft underfoot). Shoes made this way are harder wearing than most trainers which use a squidgy, lightweight material called EVA which is less durable and supportive.


3. IMAC Sherman Tex, £79.99

Best outdoor walking shoes for back pain

IMAC Sherman Tex Walking Shoes for Back Pain

The IMAC Sherman Tex is a superb waterproof option for men’s shoes for back pain. The leather upper is pliable and will gently adapt to the unique shape of your feet to offer unparalleled comfort. This style has the added benefit of a waterproof IMAC TEX lining, which is guaranteed to keep feet dry but is also breathable membrane to help maintain a comfortable interior climate.

Mens IMAC Shoes feature lightweight sole units is made from direct injection polyurethane, the same method used in Ecco Shoes.


4. ECCO Exostride Men’s GTX, £130

Best waterproof shoes for back pain

ECCO Exostride Mens Gore Tex Shoes for Back Pain

With an easy bungee fastening, these high-performance ECCO Mens Gore-Tex Shoes are ideal thanks to the lightweight PU sole unit, with an added grippy rubber compound on the bottom. The leather and textile upper features a padded bellows tongue to ensure a higher level of waterproofing and comfort. The cushioned collar and the anatomically contoured footbed provide superior comfort and support.


5. Skechers Gurn, £62

Best Velcro shoes for back pain

Skechers Gurn Velcro Shoes for Back Pain

If you are looking for exceptionally comfortable and lightweight shoes, then these men’s Skechers are perfect because they have a lightweight sole unit. Most importantly, the soft mesh fabric upper will gently stretch to the shape of your feet and the breathable material helps feet stay cool and comfortable.


6. Walk in the City Leamu, £47

Best slippers for back pain

Walk in the City Leamu Slippers for Back Pain

These men’s slippers feature a breathable leather lining and stitch construction sole unit, with excellent flexibility and a durable outsole which can offer meaningful cushioning and support – ideal for homes with hard floors. The smooth leather upper and padded insole offers incredible comfort whilst the sole unit is made from a lightweight and flexible PU material which is longer lasting and lighter than more traditional rubber or other common man-made alternatives.


Begg Shoes are certified by The Society of Shoe Fitters, and we have over 150 years worth of knowledge and experience in shoe fitting. The advice above is intended to help those who suffer from back pain, rather than to offer medical advice. Please contact your local GP or health services if you are seeking medical advice on back pain or issues.