Men’s Shoes for Back Pain

Shoes for Back Pain

Your Shoes Could Be Affecting Your Back Pain

Comfortable and functional feet are vital for a healthy and active life. Feet walk approximately 70,000 miles in a lifetime with the average adult taking in excess of 18,000 steps and even more for children. Each foot has 19 muscles, 26 bones, over 100 ligaments and thousands of nerve endings – it’s no wonder that Leonardo da Vinci called the foot a masterpiece of engineering!

Footwear is essential to a person’s physiology, and good footwear and shoe fitting should be taken seriously for the sake of your health. Incorrectly fitting shoes can be as damaging as the shoes themselves, so if you are suffering from back pain not only do you need good shoes, but these shoes need to be well fitted too. Footwear is the only item of clothing that can seriously damage your health for life. It is known that poorly fitted shoes can do irreversible damage to your feet in as little as three days!

Keep Your Feet In Shape

A well-made shoe has at least 60 different components used in its construction, with some shoes having up to 200 components! These parts give a shoe its structure and will keep the foot in the shape it is designed to be. The foot supports the whole of the bodies muscular-skeletal system, and if the foot is out of alignment, then the rest of the body will be. This includes your back, hence why shoes can be the cause of back pain. Misaligned feet can result in increased wear and tear on the ankle, knee and hip joints as well as the back, shoulders and neck. Keep your feet in the correct shape and it will keep the rest of the body in shape.

Here at Begg Shoes, we hope to alleviate some of your concerns about back pain so we have compiled a handy list of the best men’s shoes for back pain.  Top brands such as ECCO, Legero and Gabor are featured, along with advice on what to look for, and perhaps more importantly, what to avoid.

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What to look for

Arch support

Heel support

Shock Absorbance


Light weight

Leather or soft fabric upper

What to avoid

Completely flat shoes

Hard or stiff upper

Heavy weight

Rigid sole unit

No arch support

Thin sole unit

Our Top Men’s Shoes for Back Pain

Mens Shoes for Back Pain IMAC Cityboot Tex 95

Lightweight and practical, our collection of men’s IMAC shoes are ideal for those who suffer from back pain. Built on PU sole units and featuring Italian leather uppers, these men’s black boots are one of the best styles for the autumn winter season for those looking for comfy and practical men’s shoes. The smart black boots feature a TEX membrane as good as Gore-Tex and ensures your feet are kept dry and warm.

Mens Shoes for Back Pain ECCO Biom 2go Gore

Renowned for their use of performance technology and premium materials, ECCO Shoes are highly sought after and worth every penny. These men’s casual shoes feature a Yak Leather upper which is stronger than most leathers and has been treated with water repellent technology. The Gore-Tex lining offers 100% waterproof shoes whilst the breathable membrane helps to keep feet dry AND warm. The direct injection PU sole unit and use of Fluidform technology offer unbeatable support.

Mens Shoes for Back Pain IMAC Gordon Tex 85

The IMAC Gordon Tex 85 is a superb waterproof smart option for men’s shoes for back pain. The oiled leather upper is pliable and will gently adapt to the unique shape of your feet to offer unparalleled comfort. IMAC have used their waterproof TEX technology which is guaranteed to keep feet dry and the breathable membrane helps to maintain a comfortable interior climate. The lightweight sole unit is made from direct injection polyurethane which is the best sole construction for those who suffer from back pain.

Mens Shoes for Back Pain ECCO Xped 3 Mid Gore

If you’d prefer to brave the elements and enjoy your natural surroundings, then a high quality pair of men’s walking boots are a must. These high performance ECCO boots are ideal thanks to the rugged cleating on the lightweight PU sole unit. The leather upper features a toe front mudguard and padded bellows tongue to ensure a higher level of waterproofing and comfort. The cushioned collar and the anatomically contoured footbed provide superior comfort and support.

Mens Shoes for Back Pain Padders Daniel

Padders shoes have been designed with your comfort and wellness in mind. This wide fit comfort footwear brand is manufactured in the UK and their shoes are built with extra-wide width fittings. The Padders Daniel features an H-K dual width fitting and the use of the Velcro strap offers an easy fastening. The leather upper and removable insole offers incredible comfort whilst the sole unit is lightweight and flexible.

Mens Shoes for Back Pain IMAC Path Hi Tex 95

Looking for exceptionally comfortable and waterproof shoes? Then look no further because these men’s IMAC boots are made from premium brown leather, a lightweight PU sole unit and waterproof membrane. All of this for less than £100 is an absolute bargain! The padded collar ensures a snug fit and will help to keep your ankles from rolling whilst the rugged cleating on the sole unit offers improved grip with every step.


Best Footwear Brands for Back Pain for Men

Direct injection PU sole units are shock absorbent

Lightweight and flexible shoes

Cushioned arch support

Cupped heel

Shop Mens ECCO

Polyurethane sole units absorb impact with every step

Flexible and lightweight

Soft Italian leather uppers

Built in arch and heel support

Shop Mens IMAC

Polyurethane sole units are lightweight and flexible

Built in arch and heel support

Breathable leather upper

Wide fitting shoes

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Begg Shoes are certified by The Society of Shoe Fitters, and we have over 150 years worth of knowledge and experience in shoe fitting. The advice above is intended to help those who suffer from back pain, rather than to offer medical advice. Please contact your local GP or health services if you are seeking medical advice on back pain or issues.