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Halloween Party Shoes

HALLOWEEN PARTY SHOES For me, Halloween is up there with my favourite events of the year. The decorations, cheesy jokes and, of course, the chocolate hold their appeal but for me, being a big kid at heart, [...]

Top Shoes – August 2017

TOP SHOES - 10 Must Have New Arrivals So, it would seem that the Summer weather has deserted us up here in the North of Scotland… our lovely new sandals haven’t had much time out in use [...]

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Super Sandals for Summer

Super Sandals for Summer A guide to your Summer Sandals Super sandals for summer holidays blog is finally here! Although we know its rather annoying that one day you may be in a skirt with bare legs [...]

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Leather Shoes

DIFFERENT TYPES OF LEATHER If you've never worn a pair of leather shoes for work, then you're missing out. Whether you have an active job or need a pair of shoes that will give your feet a [...]

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