Top 3 Pedag Arch Support Insoles

Pedag Viva Insoles

Pedag have become the market leaders for foot supports with their breathable and natural Pedag Viva Arch Support Insoles. Their focus on all round comfort throughout the day have propelled their insole range to become one of the go to brands for podiatrist and foot specialists.

At Begg shoes we pride ourselves in our expert knowledge and experience from our 150 years of trading. This experience has been passed down through to the sixth generation Begg family members, which influences what brands and styles are sold from Begg Shoes. Our most recent introduction of the Pedag Viva Insole to our 9 shops and online website, reflects the growing reputation and development of the Pedag insole range.

1. Pedag Viva Insoles

Pedag Viva Insoles

A lot of thought and technology has gone into the creation & production of the Viva Insole. The active carbon filter prevents foot odour, coupled with the finest cow hide for dry and fresh feet all day long. Extreme load distribution or bad posture can lead to aching feet however the Viva insole is designed not only to alleviate the pain but prevent any future problems.

The continuous comfort is achieved from 3 features of the insole. This includes the insole being anatomically shaped with an arched footbed, a cushioned heel for shock absorption and a metatarsal pad that relieves the forefoot. The pad is also designed to prevent the creation of splayfoot and alleviate any pain if you already suffer from this. All these features have been designed to ensure your feet remain healthy and pain free over time.

2. Pedag Viva Mini Insoles

Pedag Viva Mini Insoles

The Viva Mini insole has been designed for those who love to wear the fashionable and tight fitting peep toes shoes, without having to compromise a comfortable foot support. Not every shoe has the space to support a full size foot support so Pedag have designed a half insole called the Viva Mini.

This supports the foot against the shockwaves created with every step you take with the heel pad. It also has the longitudinal arch to keep your foot in place and the metatarsal pad preventing splayfoot.

3. Pedag Viva Sport Insoles

Pedag Viva Sport Insoles

Whether you’re playing tennis, basketball, cross country skiing or croquet the Pedag Viva Sport is an all year round foot support for ambitious athletes. The anatomically shaped Viva Sport is specifically designed to meet requirements for what an athlete’s foot goes through. The cushioned heel absorbs the every step’s impact shocks that go through your body.

The arch support is designed to hold your longitudinal arch up while running and the forefoot is supported by the metatarsal pad, just like in the standard Viva Insole. What differs the sport insole is on the surface, which has a special functional fibre designed to transfer moisture away from the foot quickly as well as insulating the foot from the cold simultaneously. All these characteristics makes the Viva Sport ideal for all sports, all year round.

Pedag Insoles – Fight Against Odours

All the insoles in the Pedag range also contain a Carbon filter layer that breaks up the warm air circling around our foot. The socks and shoes you wear will protect your feet however they also can provoke foot odour by literally wrapping your feet up and preventing air circulating in.

The carbon filter technologies included in the Pedag Viva Insoles create a space for the air to breath as well as soaking up moisture up to 50% of its own weight, thus reducing foot odour. They act as a sweat magnet all day long, preventing the odour and smell to escape. It is important to remove the insoles and air after wearing so they can dry and regenerate the whole process.