With the first official day of autumn looming around the corner and the recent cold snap I think we can all agree it’s time to pack away those sandals and bring out the boots. We have scoured the internet and put together a great list of sandals storage ideas from up-cycled ideas, clever ideas and items you can buy in stores, you will find the right inspiration you need to store this sandals in a neat place until the next summer.


Shoe storage ideas

This is a neat way to store your summer sandals, and makes moving your wardrobe around very easy. It’s also a super affordable way to store your sandals as these file organisers are cheap to pick up from any supermarket. Plus, who doesn’t have one of these lying around somewhere?


flip flop storage ideas

You may have seen this idea before, as it’s done the rounds on Pinterest, but we really thought it was a great idea for those flip flops. It could also be used to store your thin ballerina pumps. It’s also a great way to recycle an old plate rack that you might have been thinking about throwing out. Why not do some DIY and paint it a different colour to match the room you would be putting this in?


This great system gets those sandals off the floor. A great idea would be to put this at the end of your wardrobe or the back of it so that during the winter months those sandals are safely tucked away giving you space for those boots. This system may even work with those heeled sandals that you don’t want getting damaged or dusty on the ground.


This sandals storage system is just great for those who rent or can’t fix things to the walls. A simple drawer system at the bottom of your wardrobe is a great way to store your flip flops and even ballerina pumps. Not only does this system keep pairs together but it makes each sandal easy to see and pick out so you don’t have to rummage about.


As you can see, there are some great imaginative storage systems for sandals so you can keep each pair together, visible and free from dirt and dust!