Sheepskin Slippers: The Complete Guide

Sheepskin Slippers

This season, my feet have been making me aware it’s definitely time for the cosiest possible slippers. Working in store, I have been able to try on as many of our women’s slippers as possible. If only we were able to wear them as shop shoes!

With birthdays always around the corner and of course Christmas at the end of the year, a pair of sheepskin slippers would make an ideal gift for a loved one, or a treat to myself for buying all the other presents.

Worn as early as 500 BC, sheepskins have been found encasing the feet of a mummy in China while writings from Plato indicate sheepskins were used by the ancient Greeks in the cold winters. More recently, sheepskin has been used in aviator boots and a variation of sheepskin slippers was used by the first team to scale Everest at their rest stops. Sheepskins have been used in footwear for thousands of years due to its incredible natural properties.


Unbelievable natural insulators; sheepskins structure creates air pockets helping ensure natural heat regulation keeping you at a healthy temperature. It is also naturally absorbent, drawing sweat from the feet and releasing it into the atmosphere. Sheepskin features two different cell types which absorb moisture and swell at different speeds creating movement and friction between the fibres which provides a self-cleaning effect. The lanolin contained in sheepskin contains similar properties to lipids found in human skin making sheepskin ideal for wearing against the skin. Sheepskin is water resistant making it perfect for wearing around the house, especially if you’re as messy a chef as me.

EVA and rubber midsoles are used with the sheepskin uppers for a durable and more resilient finish. The lightweight and flexible properties of these sole units pair beautifully with the sheepskin uppers for the ultimate in comfort.


mULE sheepskin sLIPPERS

Slip on Sheepskin Slippers

Mule style slippers feature an enclosed toe and open back making them easy to slip on and off for an easy to use practical finish. Some of our collection of Sheepskin Mules use statement stitch detailing and ‘weld stitching’ joining the two halves of the vamp together. The addition of a woollen trim around the top of the slippers adds to the cosy appearance.

Boot Sheepskin Slippers

Shepherd of Sweden Louise Grey Sheepskin Slippers

Designed for extra added comfort and cosiness, the boot slippers are a dream come true for those who suffer with cold feet. Extending up over the ankle bone, the slippers encase the feet in sheepskin for the ultimate in luxury. The use of stitch detailing and weld stitched’ seams adds detail to the uppers of the slipper boots while the addition of a woollen cuff to the tops adds to the overall cosiness.



Clarks Warm Glitz Sheepskin Slippers


2. Shepherd of Sweden Karin £60

Shepherd of Sweden Karin Grey Suede Slippers


3. Shepherd of Sweden Evelina £65

Shepherd of Sweden Evelina Tan Sheepskin Slippers


4. Shepherd of sweden Andy £65

Shepherd of Sweden Andy Men's Slippers


5. Shepherd of Sweden Hugo £57

Shepherd of Sweden Hugo Men's Sheepskin Slippers



Inspired by the Swedish landscape and climate, Shepherds of Sweden create sheepskin products designed for comfort with a luxurious twist. Their attention to detail paired with the use of the finest Scandinavian sheepskins make their products a joy to wear.

Their love of sheepskin is apparent in their slippers through the obvious care and consideration used in construction, apparent from the moment you slip your feet into a pair. The use of a single layer of sheepskin with the wool inside offers a fantastically soft and pliable upper to Shepherd’s slippers. Shepherd of Sweden range of slippers features both women’s and men’s wear which is simple and sophisticated in design.

Browse our range of Shepherd of Sweden slippers in-store or online.

Shepherds of Sweden Slippers