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Do Superfeet Insoles give you Super Feet?

With a mixture of science and their proven and patented high-performance insole technology, Superfeet have become known as the biggest and best maker of specialist insoles in the world. Begg Shoes is excited to become an official stockist of Superfeet Insoles and fortunately, we can help to answer that burning question – do they make your feet Super?

In a few ways, YES. Superfeet insoles can provide improved comfort and optimise foot performance in a way that can offer pain relief for feet and body.


Superwhy? The Short Version

Superfeet are in essence an optimised structural support for your foot. There are 26 bones in your feet and a far greater number of ligaments, muscles and tendons working extremely hard to keep you standing upright, let alone moving along. Sometimes this complex foot structure at the end of your leg will need a little help – and its not just your feet that will let you know if they’re not happy, since they are connected to your entire body… Superfeet can help with this. They are designed to shape, stabilise and support your foot in a way that makes your own two feet perform better, benefitting your entire body.


Who Needs Superfeet Anyway?

There are many reasons for trying out a specialist insole in your favourite shoes. In Begg Shoes stores we are often asked about insoles for arch support, insoles for plantar fasciitis, insoles for foot pain, insoles for back pain, however, the vast majority of customers looking for a specialist insole are actually just looking for something to make their feet super comfy.

A high performing insole can be essential for a long day on your feet. A pair of well-fitted shoes together with a specialist insole together can fend off the sore feet, knees, hips and back many of us have experienced. Whether it’s at work you are clocking up miles or it’s on the road or the treadmill, everyone and anyone can benefit from adding a scientifically proven, highly supportive underfoot structure, like a Superfeet insole, to their shoe.

What Exactly Do Superfeet Do?

Superfeet are all about providing the support and structure to stabilise the rear of the foot. This is where the initial shock and heelsimpact of the natural stride first rings through the body. Superfeet have applied the science of Podiatriatry to design and offer many of the benefits of orthotic insoles in a smaller, user-friendly, everyday package that everyone can benefit from. In the Superfeet development laboratory for over 40 years, they have created over 70,000 custom-fitted orthotic insoles. Learning from each of these fittings, Superfeet have created insole shapes that improve the performance of your foot, shaping the complex structure of the 26 bones in the foot to optimise its performance inside the shoe.


The heel bears the brunt of every step and shock, sending it straight up through the calf and knee, the upper leg and back, the whole body. Unfortunately, many of us will ask too much of this natural shock absorber at the end of our legs! It can often be the point of origin for pain – and not just foot pain but also knee pain, back pain and even neck pain.

Unlocking the Super in your Heel Cushion

Superfeet do not provide a spongey, squidgy under heel pad that others do. It is counterintuitive to some, however Superfeet are designed to limit the ability of the foot to move, flex and squidge around in a trainer, for example. Many of us would reach for a soft trainer when we have sore feet – Superfeet have shown us that is not always the answer. Ask yourself, which side of the beach would you choose to walk on, the soft dry sand, or the harder wet sand nearer the water?

The heel cup on a Superfeet insole is designed to encapsulate and form a highly supportive cup around the natural cushioning of your heel pad. This forms up the naturally highly cushioned, fleshy pad around the heel bone in order to maximise the natural shock absorption of your own heel, from your own heel. Essentially with Superfeet, you provide your own heel cushion and it can actually do a great job with a little help from Superfeet.

Superfeet Insoles

Holding you firmly where it all happens – Super Support

Most of the impact and the motion in the foot happens at the rear and the heel. One of the most effective solutions to improving the performance of our highly sophisticated foot is providing support – controlling the motion to optimise performance and minimise strain. Superfeet have a distinctive and patented design that offers this rear foot support, towards the rear side of the foot arch where critical foot-motions are formed. A well supported rear foot provides a platform for the complex bone structure of the forefoot to absorb, stabilise and propel your body forward. The rise from forefoot to heel is critical in unlocking this improved performance and a key design feature of Superfeet.


Why are my shoes not Super already?

We like to think we are experts in shoe fitting and shoe shapes – we certainly see and buy a lot of shoes (so do our lovely customers!) There are very few shoes that come straight out the box with highly contoured, multi-layered and highly supportive footbeds that Superfeet create. This is because we all have different shapes of feet and different needs in terms of width, shape and support. Just like with shoes, there is a good reason we stock multiple sizes and types of Superfeet –you are best to try them all on and see which works best for you! It is really important to pick the right insole for you and we are here to help. As with most orthotics, wide fit shoes are suitable for giving extra room for additional insole and orthotics.


Our Superfeet Product Range

The Heritage range is Superfeet’s first and most popular model which includes the Superfeet Green, Superfeet Blue and Superfeet Black which have all been developed using data from the many thousands of custom fittings done by the Superfeet Lab. The Heritage range is surprisingly firm but highly effective – each colour indicates the thickness of the insole to suit different footwear however the technology is the same in each model. Superfeet have also developed the entry-level Flex Insole which offers many of the same benefits in a softer foam based construction, which is a great way to add cushioning if you need it and also benefit from the foot shaping capability of Superfeet at a lower price point.



Green superfeet insoles



black insolesFLEX medium volume INSOLES

Superfeet InsolesFLEX THIN INSOLES

Superfeet Insoles

Come in and try a pair of Superfeet in select Begg Shoes stores or we can send you a pair via our website!