Top Tips for Summer Feet

Podiatrist Kirsten Sinclair shares her top ten tips for happy healthy feet this summer.

Kirsten lives and works on the beautiful island of Orkney where Begg Shoes have a shop in Kirkwall. Our local collaboration with Kirsten of Orkney Podiatry offers an expansion of knowledge – of the physiology of feet and the importance of shoe fitting. This ensures that our advice and knowledge is the very best it can be.


Healthy FeetHave a daily foot hygiene routine. Wash your feet with soap or foot cleansing product and dry thoroughly with a clean towel. Make sure you dry between your toes.


moisturize your feetIf you have dry skin on your feet moisturise them daily after showering with a foot moisturiser. Don’t moisturise between your toes as when moisture collects here it creates a perfect environment for Athlete’s Foot and other infections to develop.


exfoliate feetUse a foot file on any hard areas of skin once each week after showering. Make sure you don’t press down on the file and use light strokes in the same direction, not a sawing motion.


Toe nail cuttingWhen cutting your toe nails ensure you cut straight across and not too close to the toe. If you can’t reach for yourself consider booking a professional foot care appointment.


Foot Health Guide Summer Feet Top Tips

When applying sunscreen don’t forget your feet! It is easy to overlook but our feet are almost constantly exposed to the sun when we are outside wearing sandals or open flat shoes like pumps. Use a high factor sunscreen to ensure they are protected.


change your shoesIn hot weather feet can perspire more than usual and it is good to wear a natural fibre sock such as cotton or bamboo. Also, try to alternate your footwear daily to allow your shoes to dry out. Remember to remove any insoles to help them dry out also. For more advice, take a look at our Shoes for Sweaty Feet blog post to find out what to wear on your feet.


powder your feetTo avoid blisters, which are caused by friction, keep your feet dry. Try using talcum powder on your feet before you put on your shoes to keep them feeling fresh.


wear flip flops in the showerAlways wear sandals or flip-flops when by a swimming pool or using a communal shower when camping to avoid any potential infections.


If the skin between your toes becomes macerated, where your skin gets saturated with moisture (usually sweat or external factors such as walking through rivers), it goes soft and can tear off. You can help prevent this by airing your feet to ensure they dry and also using an astringent solution such as witch hazel or surgical spirit to dry out the skin.


book an appointmentNever use medicated corn pads if you suffer from corns as these contain salicylic acid which can make your skin more sensitive to sun exposure and increasing your risk of sunburn and other types of skin damage. Instead book an appointment to see your local podiatrist who can assist in treating your corns.


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By Kirsten Sinclair of Orkney Podiatry