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Wedding Shoes should form an important part of your very special day. Whether it’s your own bridal shoes or ensuring your bridesmaids standing beside you complete the look and not to forget mum and the flower girls. At Begg Shoes we have a fantastic collection of wedding shoes for the whole bridal party including the groom & groomsmen. Over the next several weeks we are going to make it easier, we’ll break it down into the bridal party categories, so keep visiting our blog to see the next instalment on our wedding shoes.


It’s the day you’ve been dreaming of… Your Wedding Day! There is so much to think about and so much planning to do!  We hope at Begg Shoes we can take a little of that stress off your hands!  When buying your bridal shoes there are two ways to go about shopping:


Shopping with your head probably means you like to shop practically. You budget carefully, weigh up the various options and choose the right solution even when sometimes your heart may tug you in another direction. So perhaps you’re wondering how on earth you would shop practically for a pair of wedding shoes. Well simply put, if you purchase a pair of comfy wedding shoes that you know you’ll wear many times thereafter and not just the one use. Well, that’s shopping practically. Myself personally love pink and so on my wedding day I wore a pair of pink glitzy heeled sandals. I wore them until the diamante fell off to all sorts of occasions for years after.


If you’re more of a dreamer and tend to follow your heart a lot more than your head then your options are unlimited. You know that when you spot the shoes that will perfectly go with your dress and finish off your bridal look, then nothing is getting in your way of owning that pair of shoes!

What is your style of wedding shoes?

Regardless of which way you’re shopping you still need to factor in a few things before deciding what to get for your wedding day… Such as:

Are you getting married on the grass, on the beach or indoors? I once attended a wedding which was on a deck that had a fairly big gap between the planks which meant all of us ladies in stiletto’s had a problem. But luckily the bride had thought ahead and there was a basket of flip flops in various colour matching her theme at the door…. As everyone was in flip flops we danced the night away!

Will it be hot and warm or cold and snowy?

Is your dress pure white or more ivory and gold? Or perhaps you’re going with a splash of colour which would be great to accent with your shoes.
Do you need extra height standing up next to your partner or do you prefer flats or perhaps something in between?

Now that you have more of an idea of what you’re looking for let us help you find the perfect pair of shoes for your special day! We have split our shoes into colour groups, but there are links below for other grouping options to make your browsing experience easier. Alternatively you may want to browse all our wedding shoes. You never know the perfect pair maybe something you hadn’t considered and it’ll be love at first sight. 


White or Ivory Wedding Shoes?

  1. Lotus Leandra £59.99  – These strappy sandals from Lotus are a real stand out style with a beautiful ruched upper shaped into a gorgeous bow. Not only will they look great on your wedding day, but they’ll get worn many times thereafter too as they are so versatile looking. Making them equally good with jeans for a chic daytime look or with a cocktail dress in the evening.
  2. Ruby Shoo Priscilla £60.00 – If you’re needing a pair of bridal shoes which are pretty but unique, then these Ruby Shoo Priscilla heels are perfect Don’t you think the vintage brocade is beautiful? I can just picture these worn with a gorgeous ivory brocade gown.
  3. Peter Kaiser Berina £155.00  – Our favourite pair of ivory wedding shoes this season, these are made from smooth leather which has a pearl finish. The soft smooth leather lining and insole will mean you’ll be comfortable throughout your special day while the ankle buckle strap means they will fit securely, perfect for that first dance.

Silver Wedding Shoes?

  1. Lotus Star £69.99  – If it’s glitz & glamour you’re looking for on your wedding day then these from Lotus will most definitely make you shine even more on your special day!  These stunning heels have been completely encased in rhinestones and thanks to the straps around your ankle will have a secure fit throughout your wedding.

2. Ruby Shoo Madelaine £50.00  – Known for their vintage flair on all their footwear designs these silver & white heels are no exception and have the classic Ruby Shoo Louis heel with a vision of romance. They make the perfect bridal shoes to finish off your wedding look.

3. Menbur Verigate £69.99  – A slightly more simple style but still with the shine of a silver heel, these heeled sandals from Menbur are perfect for a short wedding dress as this style will elongate the leg. The colour & style of these silver wedding shoes are so versatile so if you’re shopping with your head then these are must as you can pair these with jeans & dress them up for a night out as well.

4. Lotus Sparkle £59.99  – If you’re shopping with your heart then we’re pretty sure you’ll fall in love with them the minute you try them on! The delicate lace detail on these closed toe shoes is utterly gorgeous and will give your overall wedding look a glamorous one!

5.  Marco Tozzi Paduca £39.99  – Another great strappy sandal style is the Paduca from Marco Tozzi. These versatile silver sandals have a gorgeous strappy design across the upper of the shoe, creating an Art Deco effect that is perfect for the Gatsby inspired wedding.

A Pop of Colour Perhaps?

  1. Marco Tozzi £39.99  – WOW! If red is your colour why not get a pair of hot red shoes, I can just picture them peeking out from under your dress as your walk down the aisle. A bonus with these red wedding shoes is thanks to the great colour, you’ll be able to wear them again afterwards.
  2. Lotus £59.99 – What a great way to add something blue to your wedding day than a new pair of blue “suede” shoes! These shoes have a gorgeous silver lace effect detail on the toe tip and afterwards can be worn with a pair of jeans for date night!
  3. Ruby Shoo £60.00  – I myself wore pink shoes to my wedding so when I saw these Ruby Shoo heels I instantly thought they would make a great pair of wedding shoes. It’s such a great way to bring some colour to bridal style.

This article was written by Cheries Dutton.