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Bugatti shoes are known for their perfect fit, best quality materials and bang up to date fashion. All of the Bugatti shoes are made with first class workmanship and are still reasonably priced. The production of Bugatti shoes is based on traditional constructions using exclusively the best quality leather which is sourced from Italy and elsewhere. The fresh styles are designed by a team of trend scouts along with Bugatti’s own design team.  Bugatti shoes traditionally direct attention to the subjects of comfort and fit and many of their shoes have technologies within them to improve these features. Comfort wide provides additional space in the forefoot for freedom of movement in the toes. Extra wide shoes provide optimal room in the forefront of the shoe providing free movement of the toes and ball of the foot. The soft flex technology creates a very soft, flexible shoe in which the lining is sewn in like a sock. The tex technology makes the shoe water resistant, windproof and optimally breathable through a high-tech membrane.

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