CAT Boots

CAT Boots

CAT Boots ... Those two words conjure up only one image in my mind... A pair of rugged shoes!

This brand is a very well known brand throughout the world especially for their rugged boots for the modern-day consumer who lives an active fast living life. CAT boots and shoes are part of the biggest non-athletic footwear company in the world. They have over 2000 styles already patented in the last 5 years and every year new styles are added to their collection which means there is a wide variety of choice. Men's CAT shoes and boots are all made from nubuck, suede, tumbled grain leather, full-grain leather or canvas, all of which are considered high-quality materials. The ease technology used in some of their shoes allows them to be durable, comfortable and lightweight with industrial strength materials used in the manufacturing of CAT footwear. The Founder boots in their EASE collection have included a foam midsole for more cushioning and bounceback which means you always have incredible support. The Goodyear welt used in the classic colorado boot as well as some other styles allows the shoe to be resoled, which means it has a lifespan of many years. The strobel and cement constructions allow the shoes to be extremely flexible and strengthens the shoe.

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CAT Shoes

CAT Shoes


You've invested in a pair of good quality boots, so why wouldn't you want to prolong the lifetime of your CAT footwear? To keep them looking newer for longer it's very important to look after your CAT shoes and a vital part of that is to clean and reproof them. 


To keep leather in good condition use polish. If wet allow leather to dry naturally. Insert a shoe tree or rolled-up paper to help keep the shape when drying. Do not place on a radiator as this may affect the leather.


If you have a pair of Nubuck CAT boots or shoes you should allow the dirt to dry naturally. Once the dirt is dry you can then use a soft brush or cloth to remove it. It is best to brush in a circular motion to lift the nap but avoid staying in the same area for too long. Brushing on a regular basis will help to keep the nubuck in good condition.

SUEDE CAT Footwear

As with any suede footwear, you need to use a brush to get rid of any excess dirt that may be present on the shoes. Always remembering to brush with the grain and not against it. Thereafter you can use a small amount of water on the brush if the dirt is still difficult to remove, but you should clean the whole shoe to avoid individual marks. 

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