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Crocs Shoes

Crocs Shoes

Founded in 2002 by Scott Seamans, Lyndon Hanson and George Boedecker, Crocs started out producing foam clogs which were originally developed as boating shoes and launched at the Ft Lauderdale boat show where all 200 pairs that had been produced sold out.

From 2003 to 32004, Crocs grew with incredible speed, focusing on accommodating the incredible growth while staying true to its core values. Originally created for boating and outdoor activities, the comfort and diversity of Crocs have made them the daily footwear of choice for many.

Crocs use their signature 'Croslite' technology, a closed-cell resin foam making them soft, light and comfortable with non-marking soles. The 'Croslite' foam forms itself around the wearers feet, moulding to their individual foot shape to offer comfort and support like no other. Crocs are committed to creating affordable footwear which offers lightweight and functional comfort.

Crocs Sandals

Crocs, while maintaining their signature clog design, have also creates some more trend led yet still functional options. Using their 'Croslite' technology, they have created a range of sandals for all occasions, strappy to toe post, flat to wedged. the Sanrah Strappy 204010-018 is the perfect example of Crocs sandals. Buy your Crocs sandals from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Crocs stockist.

Crocs Shoes

Crocs shoes benefit from their signature 'Croslite' technology, making them incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. Perfect for a more outdoor based lifestyle, these shoes are comfortable and practical yet stylish. Try the Olivia Jayna 202826-001 for the ultimate in comfort and style. Buy your ladies Crocs shoes from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Crocs stockist.

Crocs Clogs

A total marmite product, you either love it or hate it, Crocs started out with its signature clog. The simple open holed design with the moveable strap around the heel is made from 'Croslite' technology and is what got it all started. The Classic 10001-410 is the perfect example of a Crocs clog and what springs to mind when Crocs are mentioned. Buy your Crocs clogs from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Crocs stockist.

Girls Crocs

Ideal for little ones, Crocs soft and comfortable design paired with their wipe clean finish make them ideal for outdoor play. The Frozen Lights 202357-4be features everyone;s Disney heroines making them perfect for any little princess. Buy your kids Crocs from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Crocs stockist.

Boys Crocs

Wipe clean! What more could a parent want?! Perfect for wearing when digging for worms or jumping in the muddiest puddle possible, Crocs offer comfort and support to your wee ones feet. The Funlab Minions 204113-93k feature everyone's favourite cartoon characters, perfect for your wee joker. Buy your kids Crocs from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Crocs stockist.

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