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No matter what your shoe size or style preference we can be sure that you will find exactly what you need within our vast Earth Spirit collection here at Begg Shoes. Our carefully chosen collection has been compiled by our dedicated buying team with the view of bringing you colourful funky and fun footwear for all occasions. Our current range of Earth Spirit sandals are available in many different designs and colours. Some are ideal for those of you who prefer more formal footwear that you can dress up with jeans or jeggings; whilst others are more suited to women who like to spend the majority of their time connecting with nature; hence the reason why many of the items in this range have a very earthly feel to them. As well as sandals we stock shoes and boots which again are available in many different styles to suit each individual, no matter what their preferred taste in fashion or sense of style may be. When purchasing a pair of shoes and boots from this fantastic range you will find that you will have a choice of various heel heights and types of fastening so that you can find something to suit your specific needs!


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