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ECCO Shoes


Why ECCO Make Leathers

ECCO Shoe manufacturers believe that because the leather quality is crucial to their shoemaking process, they only accept the finest leather and that is why they make their own leather. By making their own leather they are 100% certain of the products being used to make their ECCO Shoes and can ensure the quality. They are also able to get the exact colour and waterproofing and breathability of their leathers.

The ECCO Design Philosophy

ECCO believes that everything starts with the foot and their design is guided by the fundamental principle of functionalism: that form should follow function. Which then means that shoes should follow the foot. That’s why every single one of their designs begins with the foot.

Direct Injection is one of the secrets behind the renowned ‘instant fit' of ECCO shoes. Direct Injection Production or DIP is the core competence of the ECCO sole technology. Without using glue or stitching the strongest possible bond is achieved delivering unsurpassed durability and longevity. See how they create their extremely lightweight and flexible soles with optimum comfort.

ECCO Ladies Shoes

ECCO Ladies Shoes and Boots

You'll always find a fantastic collection of ECCO ladies' shoes on the shelves of our Begg Shoes stores. This brand has gone from strength to strength since 1963 and their footwear is proof, therefore. The words that stand out in our minds about this brand are:

Quality  *  Comfort  *  Style


Known for their high-quality footwear, our range of ECCO women's shoes are available online or in-store. Whether you're looking for a pair of comfortable lacing shoes for every day or perhaps you would prefer a walking boot instead to take you from the streets to the tracks. Whatever your needs, browse our ECCO women's collection and discover our range of stylish yet comfortable shoes, sandals & boots, where form follows function.

The materials which have been used in every pair of women's ECCO shoes are only of the highest quality to produce expertly crafted, high-quality women’s footwear with beautiful Scandinavian design. Their shoes are extremely comfortable due to their innovative technologies such as replicating the foot's natural motion during walking. Ecco shoes are comfortable, light and durable.


ECCO Mens Shoes

Men's ECCO Shoes

ECCO men’s shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes made, with their key ethos being that shoes should not be broken in; they should fit like a glove as soon as you put them on.  Men’s ECCO's are made with high-quality materials and even make their own leathers to ensure they have control over every aspect of the shoe.

They use light Polyurethane (PU) and Thermo Polyurethane (TPU) through the outer and midsoles to allow the shoes to benefit from the cushioning and shock absorbing qualities of these materials Direct Injection Production is the core competence of the ECCO sole technology used throughout the men’s range. Without using glue or stitching the strongest possible bond is achieved delivering unsurpassed durability and longevity.



ECCO Boots

Ecco Boots

Without a doubt, we are always very excited about the new collection of Ecco Boots to the Begg Shoes stores. We can't wait to see what they can bring to existing ranges that we love and will be bringing back, or perhaps there is a completely new style altogether. 

If you're looking for something different to their classic walking boot designs then ECCO even has a women's trainer style boot made in rich full-grain leathers which gives them a premium look and touch. These hi-top boots are designed on a full anatomical last shape which makes them super comfortable. Not only this but they will keep you warm and dry too thanks to the Gore-Tex technologies which keeps out the moisture while allowing your feet to breathe.


ECCO Sandals

Ecco Sandals

ECCO summer ranges are best known for their superb, comfortable walking sandals, ideal for everyday wear in the warm weather. Some of their sandal styles also offer more of an outdoor hiking flavour, which can be a great investment for those outdoor holiday adventures. They even have casual sandals for office wear on a warm day or for meeting friends for lunch.


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