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EMU footwear has a fantastic heritage when it comes to manufacturing sheepskin and wool products. Although EMU footwear as we know it today was born just over twenty years ago, the company behind EMU is The Jackson Tannery in Geelong, Australia, was founded in 1977 and  it produces some of the finest Australian sheepskin. This tannery was the first company to produce sheepskin boots on a commercial scale and over the years, they honed their skills and marketing to produce premium sheepskin footwear, thus EMU began.

EMU footwear is ideal for those who want to source high quality sheepskin products, as they use only the best products such as Australian sheepskin, Merino wool and the finest Australian leather and suede. As well as using these lovely products, they fuse a modern twist on sheepskin and apply new technologies to ensure their footwear is superior in terms of comfort and quality. EMU incorporate rubber outer soles with EVA midsoles to create footwear which is light yet durable, and mix this with inner fillers of foam and a cosy sheepskin lining to craft the ultimate sheepskin footwear.

EMU Australia have created premium footwear and only use the best natural materials. Their collection of boots & slippers offers beautifully simple, innovative and luxurious products while keeping comfort in mind. They believe in the #EverNatural.

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Water Resistent - Australian Sheepskin

Born from their origins, super soft 100% Australian sheepskin is thick, lush and water resistant, leaving you feeling like you're walking on a cloud. The ultimate in quality and comfort and the only sheepskin they use.

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