Fitflop Sandals

Fitflop wasWomens Fitflops founded back in 2007 in London with collaboration between Marcia Kilgore, an entrepreneur, and two expert biomechanists. When the company first started, the guidelines for manufacturing its footwear were simply the guidleines that the biomehcanists provided so that Fitlfop could create comfortable sandals that suited the natural shape of the foot. They also have the unique Microwobbleboard technology which Fitflop created- this particular construction is what sets Fitflop apart from its competitors. The Microwobbleboard technology uses multi- density layers within the midsole of their footwear which are moulded in a certain way which allows the pressure to be diffused and thus resulting in reduced pressure through the heel and ball of the foot.  Fitflop footwear is very cushioned and comfortable, helps in absorbing shock and disperses foot pressure.

Begg Shoes & Bags is a Fitflop Stockist. So browse our online collection or pop into one of Shoe Shops to try on a pair. You'll love them on your feet!

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