Foot Health

Foot Health

Do you suffer from foot pain? Do you get achy feet with bunions or plantar fasciitis? Maybe it's heel pain or ankle pain which ails you. Feet bare the brunt of your whole body weight and if your day is spent standing for work, then they're at even more risk of developing foot problems if you don't wear the correct shoes. With poorly manufactured shoes or shoes that don't fit correctly it's easy to understand how a problem can quickly lead to discomfort.

At Begg Shoes we take foot health very serious especially those tiny developing feet and believe that children's shoes should be professional fitted by a qualified shoe fitter. Children's feet can be damaged in their formative years that may affect their complete physiology - this can in turn affect their health later in life! Even a migraine can be attributed to ill-fitting shoes!

Foot Health

Childrens Shoes

Children's shoes should only be fitted by trained professionals and they should only start wearing shoes when they are ready and to make sure they wear the right shoes for the right occasion. Each child is different and there is no doubt that from birth to early teens, feet are at their most vulnerable and they don't complete ossifying (hardening/growing) until around the age of eighteen! Wondering when does your child need their first pair of shoes? Simply it would be when your child is walking most of the day by themselves and wants to walk outside.  At that time your child needs a pair of shoes to protect their feet and can be anywhere from seven months and two years.  You should never push your child to walk if they are not yet ready just because your friend's child has been walking for months. As mentioned before each child develops at their own pace and your child may have more important things on it's mind! 

Foot Health

Bunions - a common foot problem

There is often a misconception of what exactly a bunion is and the simple answer is no it's not a growth on your foot, it is a bony deformity of the joint at the base of the big toe and the medical term is hallux valgus. If the big toe is pointing towards the other toes on the same foot this is a sign of a bunion, which may force the foot bone attached to it to stick outwards.

 The exact cause of a bunion is unknown, but it is believe to be genetic and wearing badly fitted shoes is thought to make bunions worse. So to ensure the health of your feet, you should always get your shoes professionally fitted.

Foot Health

Plantar Fasciitis - a common foot problem

Plantar Fasciitis is that terrible burning hot pain under the heel & foot. This occurs due to the inflammation and damage to the plantar fascia which is a tough band of tissue under the sole of the foot. It connects the heel bone with the bones of the foot, and acts as a kind of shock absorber to the foot and when this is suddenly damage or is damaged over months/years it can cause tiny tears which results in pain. You should always wear footwear that's appropriate for your environment and day-to-day activities to help prevent plantar fasciitis.


Foot Health

Shoes for Foot Problems


Padders have their own unique design and manufacturing which make their shoes exceptionally comfortable and supportive. Padders have done so well with their concept of comfort that feelgoodfeet is their own trademark. It's a word the sums up their unique approach to creating the perfect shoes for men and women which is based on exhaustive research into the physiology of feet. For more info on Padders shoes click here: PADDERS SHOES


If you are suffering from foot problems then you should always ensure you wear soft, comfortable and lightweight shoes.  Legero has developed a collection of shoes that allow everyone to move lightly, comfortably and with functional protection. Their range of womens shoes are a sporty, functional shoe with a modern, innovative design and a lightweight construction. If you love your feet you should give them the gift of the “Legero feeling” all through the year. Legero shoes are not seasonal shoes, but a brand that can be worn throughout the year.In the winter and in the summer, in wet and dry conditions, in the city and in the great outdoors.


ECCO are passionate shoemakers and constantly strive to surprise. They we want to develop innovative designs and products without having to compromise on the quality and comfort.


Foot Health

Qualified Shoe Fitters

When you visit our Shoe Shops you can be assured that our staff have been professionally trained to fit shoes. Most of our shop staff have done a course through the society of shoe fitters as we believe that ill fitting shoes do not just affect your feet but your entire physiology. Begg Shoes & Bags have put in a large investment to get the managers of our stores professionally trained so that all visitors to our shoe shops can be fitted correctly for their new pair of shoes.

So if you are experiencing foot pain, visit one of our shoe shops and get yourself professionally fitted for your next pair of shoes.

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