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Gabor shoes have become a very popular brand at Begg Shoes and every season we are excited to see what new styles and colours they will bring to our feet. Not only are Gabor one of the best known brand of ladies’ shoes in Germany, but they have become one of the largest footwear brand in the world but most especially in the UK. 

Gabor Shoes

Gabor's Quality Shoes

Best Fitting - Freedom for your feet.
Little change, big impact. Gabor shoes which have been made with this feature have been broadened so that the ball-area of the foot gains more step surface. This means even more comfort. * Perfect Gabor look * Supreme comfort * Widened tread area

Extra comfort for your feet - G and H width fittings for extra space in the shoe.
Gabor has a range of shoes in widths G (extra width) and H (comfortable extra width). This means that these shoes have extra volume in the toes, ball and instep areas and provide any foot with the room it needs. * More space for toes * Wider tread area * Systematic width concept: G width H width

Hovercraft - It feels like walking on air.
Due to the new air cushioned sole, walking in trendy Gabor Shoes becomes even more convenient in their shoes with the Hovercraft features. This means a soft bedding of air chambers cushions each step perfectly. * Soft, breathable leather * Shock-absorbing, cushioning foam * Stabilises and supports the foot. 

Optifit - Removable footbed for the feel-good factor.
For a perfect fit and comfort for healthy feet. Gabor shoes with optifit have removable inner soles which can be removed for washing and airing. Any great benefit is they are particularly beneficial for those using orthopaedic supports, as the existing inner sole can simply be replaced by the support. Therefore when using orthopaedic supports your shoes will not be too narrow.  * HYGIENIC - Easy to remove for cleaning and airing * PRACTICAL - Without footbed: more overall space in the shoe * COMFORTABLE - Additional shock absorption for the foot. 

Sacchetto Style - Let your feet be caressed by sensuous luxury.
Gabor Shoes with the Sacchetto styles no midsole have been used. The lining is sewn into the boot as a separate pocket. This gives extra comfort with maximum softness and flexibility. * SOFT - The soft leather lining is sewn into the shoe so it fits like a glove. * SUPPLE - The lining gently hugs the foot. * FLEXIBLE - We don’t use a midsole, so the shoe is much more pliable.

Soft Touch - The gentle touch for your feet.
This is probably one of our favourite features as every step has total softness. Soft foam under the insole gently cushions every step. Extra reinforcement padding has been used in the areas taking the most body weight. * Softly padded - Soft foam under the insole gently cushions every step. * Gently reinforced - The padding has extra reinforcement in the areas taking the most body weight.

Boot Calf Measurement 
Every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way, which means each leg is shaped differently. Gabor boots offer perfect wearing comfort for every leg, with calves ranging from XS to XXL make sure each woman finds her ideal boot. The Gabor Calf Measurement Chart with all details concerning calve size and shank circumference is available for download as PDF.

Gabor Shoes

About Gabor Shoes

Back in 1949 saw the start of Gabor Shoes. A shoe factory was founded in Barmstedt near Hamburg by Bernhard and Joachim Gabor. A Singer 34 was the first sewing machine was obtained by exchanging their father’s gold pocket watch. So-called “shoes for anyone” was the start but hardly a profitable business and were sold locally. Over the next 10 years Gabor shoes expanded and began using new techniques in their shoe making. In 1960 Gabor sells their first heels with steel lifts. Due to the level of their creative and technical standards the collection became increasingly popular and production goes to Austria and starts up in Spittal an der Drau. The next 10 years saw more expansion and specialists joining the Gabor shoe manufacturing business which resulted in the production of top class shoes. We can all agree that 50 years on Gabor Shoes have come a long way and we couldn't do without them. Now distributed all over the world and found in many cupboards this brand will continue to succeed and bring us gorgeous footwear.

Gabor Shoes

Gabor Boots

Around July/August every year we all have an internal struggle here at Begg Shoes.... Which Gabor Boots should I buy this year? It's always a tough decision, do you go for a pair of suede Gabor Ankle Boots or perhaps a pair of black leather Gabor Long Boots? But how will we choose? This season, is no different from the one before with so many gorgeous styles to choose from. 

The Gabor Boots collection at Begg Shoes have timeless, causal silhouettes and sleek, sophisticated styles which will satisfy your every need. So accessorize an ankle boot or wrap up warm with long boots to take you from day to night. Browse the latest range of Gabor boots and find your perfect pair.


Gabor Sandals

When we say Gabor Sandals what's the first thing that comes to mind? If it's Gorgeous Summer Wedges then you're spot on! Every Summer we see Gabor improve their sandals collection just a little more than the year before. Our favourite is definitely the Karen & Sizzle styles. But if wedges are not for you, fear not you will find the popular Lanzarote Gabor Sandals on our shelves too.

In the Begg Shoes collection of Gabor Sandals you will find sleek slingbacks, chunky wedges and embellished flats. Whether it's a walk on the promenade or a night out for cocktails your Gabor sandals will see you step out in style. 


Gabor Shoes Sale

Twice a year you will find new styles in our Gabor Shoes Sale. On some of our styles you'll find great savings like £30 off the Nicole tan long boots or £30 off the Azalea Black low heeled shoes. Once our Gabor shoes are on sale they will stay that price & you won't miss out. But don't wait too long, because once they're gone they're gone. Often items in our sale have limited sizes or limited quantities left so we can't guarantee you will always find the style you want in the size you need. That's why it's always best, if you fall in love with a pair get them then & there.

Gabor Shoes

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