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The inspiration for the Gianni Conti brand was to create handbags with a sober style, detailed finishings, superb quality and clean lines.... And so the  Gianni Conti brand was born from the founding partners giving their own names to their products.

Right from the beginning, the company’s core business has been the production of handbags in prized leather all Made In Italy using skilled craft techniques. The brand has met with great success in the national and international market, thanks to three essential factors: Quality, Creativity and Flexibility. Begg Shoes & Bags is the new UK Gianni Conti stockist of Italian leather handbags.

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Leather handbags from Gianni Conti are a British flavour merging with all the features of Made in Italy leather and workmanship. All of their bags are of high-quality leather have become the essential accessory for style & class.

Present in the global classic bag market, the Gianni Conti leather bags were born in the 1920s from the passion and perfectionism of Nicola Contigiani, who loved to sew for himself the bags he would take out hunting.

Over the years, his sartorial taste and the need to convey a superior-quality product has grown the company from an atelier through to an international entity, a family tradition currently led by Elio and David Contigiani.

Research, innovation and attention to detail are mere words so let these Italian handbags speak for themself. The story of family, the DNA of the creations of Gianni Conti, the relationship with retailers and suppliers combined with the consumer loyalty to their creations are the key points that continue to expand the market.


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Gianni Conti AW 2016 - 17 Backstage with new models and new bags for a brand New Collection for 2016 - 2017


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