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Each of our hand crafted Gianni Conti handbags and accessories have been lovingly created to showcase the finest Italian leather materials in a unique and distinctive range of Tuscan leathers, blending traditional distressed and antiqued finishes with modern fashion styling. Their classic shapes with a modern twist are a great choice for that timeless investment bag and we even have a few Gianni Conti Sale bags should you wish to grab a bargain.

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GIANNI CONTI at Begg Shoes & Bags

If you want to buy Gianni Conti bags we believe our selection at Begg Shoes have the best styles from their range representing distinctive and unique products which customers can choose from.  The Gianni Conti handbag styles are a mix of fashion reflecting the seasonal colours as shown with our on trend footwear ranges.  The vast experience in our retail shops, listening to customers, has helped us to select styles which have the most important practical qualities. The brand Gianni Conti provides many great options in their range of the most beautiful classic bags which never date and are an investment for life.

About Gianni Conti

The Gianni Conti brand was established in the early nineties. It was created from the passion for high quality leather goods which both reflect the latest fashion trends as well as producing classic; timeless handbags.  The name Gianni Conti derives from the surname of the owners; Elio and David Contigiani.  In order to abbreviate and simplify the name it was divided: Contigiani became Conti-Giani and, by adding an “n”, was rounded off as Gianni Conti. The addition of the figure of the man was necessary in order to distinguish it from the many Gianni Contis that exist in Italy, as it is a very common name.  This trademark is distinctive and one to look out for on the authentic and original Gianni Conti bags.  The brand name Gianni Conti is known for quality, attention to detail and excellent design.  These superior quality handbags reflect current fashion trends and are made from top quality leathers which are beautiful to look at and lovely to handle. 

Production and Materials

The products marketed under this brand name are carefully created by expert workers and subjected to various stages of quality control.  Whilst always venturing into ever changing materials, designs and colour matches, Gianni Conti remains a distinctive and recognisable style which is renowned worldwide.

The leather department is the most important division of the company and represents 70% of total production. The leathers used are exclusively Italian, where they are selected and subsequently sent to Vietnam. Hand beaten “Vacchetta”, or OLD STYLE effect hide, is guaranteed by the brand “Tuscan vegetable tanned leather”, with which most small accessories and handbags are manufactured.  The classic range is manufactured using this leather thereby producing a handbag or purse of unquestionable class and prestige. A timeless collection of leather handbags for those who are not followers of fashion but who identify themselves with a classic style, especially attentive to the quality of the leather, the immaculate workmanship and maximum care for the smallest detail.


Alex & Co is a sub brand of Gianni Conti.  The bags in this range represent excellent value for money. They have key features and benefits with lots of attention to detail; the high quality full grain leathers are soft and lovely to handle.  Styles are classic with a modern, fashion twist therefore allowing wide appeal.

Vintage/ Fashion Ranges


The 450 and 420 series are fashion styles which are relatively new for Gianni Conti such as the Lugano Slouchy.   They are quite different at the moment from anything else and extremely popular.  The quantities of stock are very limited and once sold cannot be replenished.  Ideal for that totally unique gift for someone special or to treat yourself to a bag which is not likely to be seen elsewhere!  The colour selection available will vary according to the season for best complimenting on trend fashion.

Aftercare: The 420 & 450 fashion range (interweave): This look is VINTAGE and as a result should not need any protection. Because of the weave the backing/ lining to the weave could get wet in a storm and should be left to dry out naturally in a warm and well ventilated area.

The Classic ranges:

Traditional Classics (91 styles): Gianni Conti manufacture traditional styles in beautiful and subtle vegetan leather.

Aftercare: The 91 classic range (matt/ waxy finish): This leather will change naturally and as polish can change the natural beauty of the leather it is not recommended.   This leather looks better with age and will naturally change with wear.  Superficial scratches i.e. finger nails etc. can be remedied by wetting slightly the end of the finger because it is veg tan the dye will move and cover up most marks. Please note that if the surface is broken with a scratch or dinted then "spit" will not work as this is a skin and will damage just like our own body skin. You can remove or fade some accidental marks by using baby wipes but this should be done with care as they can also leave permanent damage if practice is over vigorous.

Any products if soaked or caught in a storm should be left to dry slowly (not on a heater) and polished lightly with wool.  Gianni Conti sell about 4 - 5 thousand pieces a season of this leather just in the UK and have been selling for 16 years.  Probably the only advice is not to wear with a light blouse or top until it has been worn in. This is like saddlery leather.

NEW CLASSIC range: (940 styles) Gianni Conti manufacture bags using a new antiqued leather softer than the classic 90 series but shinier than the 91 collection. These classic styles have a very smart and more formal appearance than many in the 91 classic range.  The colours chosen from this range are classic black and a very deep claret red which is really popular.

Aftercare: The 940 classic ranges (shiny, smooth classics):  These have a sheen so have already been treated to give an antique look. However after a couple of years a neutral cream could be used (very lightly) and polished with a soft cloth afterwards.  Shoe creams or sprays can change the surface texture and even sometimes make the bag look darker. Always advise to test a small area on the base of the bag first in case the cream reacts. nickel finishing touches


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