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There's nothing worse than your kids having cold wet feet and here in Scotland that can happen a lot. That's why we have such a vast selection of Kids GORE-TEX shoes and boots available for our customers. 

We have a wide variety of brand choices too, whether you're looking for something for them to wear to walk to school in or something for the weekend we'll sure you'll find the right style. Have a browse through our Primigi and Superfit Kids Shoes as they have the biggest selection of waterproof kids footwear.


Gore-Tex Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

washing instructionsKeep Clean

Clean the exterior with a cloth or brush and lukewarm water. The manufacturer may recommend leather treatment or preservation. Shake out sand, gravel and dirt from inside the footwear. Remove and shake out the insoles in your shoes, if you can, then wash separately.

Gently Dry

Dry naturally at moderate temperatures and avoid direct heat which can be damaging to upper materials such as leather. Try to resist the temptation to put your boots next to a hot radiator for example, they will bake to a crisp and but this is really bad for leather uppers. Convection style boot dryers work well as these will circulate air internally and dry quickly but gently.

Water Repellent For Upper Materials

Follow the footwear manufacturer’s instructions for treating the external fabric and leather. Remember that the waterproof and breathable lining in the product must also be able to breathe through any treatment that you apply to the out material. For example, applying a heavy wax polish or dubbin to a Gore-Tex product will in all likelihood prevent the product from breathing naturally and negate some of the benefits of the waterproof lining. 

Stain Removal

Follow the footwear manufacturer’s instructions, which will vary depending on the upper materials. Typically a warm, wet cloth is the most material appropriate solution but you may find a cleaning product for leather, for example, can speed up the process and give better results.

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