Heavenly Feet Shoes

Heavenly Feet Shoes

Heavenly Feet anti-fatigue footwear is designed to offer superb comfort as well as great style and a wide choice of designs. From Spring/ Summer sandals, casuals and pumps to Winter shoes and boots, the Heavenly Feet brand offers superb choice, style and most importantly, comfort. Heavenly Feet pride themselves on being good value for money. The shoes are manufactured to very high standards and offer exceptional quality and comfort. The Heavenly Feet shoes are split into three categories: Main Range, Premium Range and Stretch Range, all of which are available at Begg Shoes.

The main range focuses on comfort and quality and offers exceptional underfoot comfort. These are designed to be worn comfortably all day, every day. The use of tough-fastening over straps, buckles and elastic gussets offer additional fit and support. The majority of the sandals, shoes and casuals feature leather linings, leather in socks and easy-care uppers. The Premium range was initially launched as a range of premium leather ballerina pumps but has now grown into a full range of pumps, shoes, ankle and calf boots manufactured from high grade leather with superb comfort and style. The stretch range incorporates a high quality stretch upper. This is available in both spring and summer styles and offers perfect comfort to the wearer. At Begg Shoes, the range of Heavenly Feet shoes consists of short and long boots, colourful sandals and comfortable anti-fatigue pumps.

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Heavenly Feet Shoes

Heavenly Feet Boots

Heavenly Feet shoes are probably one of our most searched for shoes online. This sought after brand offers you a great collection shoes, sandals and not forgetting the stylish Heavenly Feet Boots. What's great about Heavenly Feet Shoes is when they have a great style and design of boots, they make them in various colours and as the saying goes.... 

If the shoes fits, buy it every colour.

As Heavenly Feet are so well priced, you really can afford to get a pair in every colour!

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