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The well-known Kipling ladies bag brand began in 1987 by accident, when three young designers discovered crinkled nylon fibre, from which the idea for Kipling ladies bags was born. They aimed to create affordable, sporty and functional bags which have now gone on to be sold in 65 countries across the world. The unique name Kipling came from the English author of the Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling. The designers believed the fun and adventurous tale summed up their brand perfectly. The designers wanted to make sure this playful spirit continued and so they decided to attach a small toy monkey to everything they made, a tradition which is still in place. The Kipling ladies bags are well known for being bright and the playful mix of bright colours and patterns add a splash of personality to all of the bags. At Begg Shoes and Bags, the Kipling ladies collection features bags of all sizes and styles as well as fun purses.

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