Marco Tozzi Shoes

Marco Tozzi Shoes

Marco Tozzi is known for being the lifestyle brand for the modern, fashion-conscious customer. From young fashion and classic elegance to active comfort, Marco Tozzi is the answer to international trends with it’s own style and quality. Made by the German company Wortmann, the Marco Tozzi shoes are made from high quality man made materials as well as supple leathers. Some of the Marco Tozzi shoes now feature the AntiShokk technology which involves shock absorbers being inside the heel. This patented technology, with pneumatic chambers and core stabilisers inside the heel helps to soften the impact of each step by up to 50%, giving substantial relief to the joints and spine.

Marco Tozzi Shoes

Marco Tozzi showcase their 2016 Spring / Summer Collection of shoes with a photoshoot.


ANTIshokk: Walk with elegance and comfort


When it comes to footwear fashion, MARCO TOZZI is at the head of the class.

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