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MJUS Shoes

Mjus ShoesNear Lake Garda in Italy, MJUS shoes was founded in 2007 (but the company’s founders began operating in 1972) with the goal of establishing footwear of distinguished quality and striking design. MJUS shoes are at the heart of European influence with the company’s headquarters in Italy yet under Dutch direction, whilst the manufacturing is based in MJUS’ own factory in Bosnia. They produce footwear using the finest Italian leathers, sourced from local suppliers and the product control in their factory is overseen by Italian footwear professionals. MJUS shoes are designed to be unique, each piece of leather will look different, the leathers are all treated to give them a weathered look and great detail and craftsmanship is used to ensure every pair of MJUS shoes reflect the quality and style they believe in. The mix of high end Italian fashion and superior quality materials mean your MJUS shoes will be admired by everyone!