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Very few people have not heard about the world-famous Womens and Mens Nordikas brand of slippers. It has become synonymous with leading edge style, hard-wearing structure and legendary comfort. This comfort is achieved using pressure-free foot support and shock absorbing technologies.

Nordikas slippers for women and men feature technologies which help provide excellent day to day comfort and durability. The Nordiflex system make the slippers flexible, comfortable and durable. This is possible due to the ridges which are cut out of the sole to allow flexibility and movement. The Nordishock system helps to reduce the impact pressure experienced when the heel strikes the floor, creating a more comfortable footbed.

100% Made In Spain

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Womens Nordikas Slippers

Nordikas Womens Slippers

Begg Shoes are always striving to offer our clients footwear that offers maximum quality and comfort and Nordikas slippers for ladies don't disappoint. Browse through our collection and you'll find a vast variety of styles and designs which will most most certainly match what you're looking for. Whether it's a pair of velvet slip on slippers or fully enclosed leather slippers with a hard sole which can be worn outside we've got you covered for your house shoes.

Nordkas women's slippers are made with one objective in mind: to provide you with comfort and every pair is made using high quality materials. This Spanish brand want you to feel loved and comfortable with every step so they ensure each pair of slippers is flexible and breathable that keep your feet warm. When you invest in a pair of high quality footwear such as Nordikas you know they'll last for many years and they're really easy to wash so if they get dirty you'll get many years out of them.

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Nordikas Mens Slippers

Mens Nordikas Slippers

Begg Shoes offer a high quality range of Mens Nordikas Slippers and the entire range feature non-slip soles which make them ideal for safety and peace of mind when wearing them at home. Browse through our range online and you'll find a variety of designs and colour choices to suit your taste whether you prefer a slip on mule style or a full enclosed slip on soft suede pair.

Nordikas slippers are constructed using premium quality soft flexible materials which also make them breathable, ideal if they are being worn for a long period of time. With every pair you wear you'll find they are flexible, light and breathable all while absorbing impact. While the extra soft linings will keep your feet warm. It can't be argued that this Spanish brand wants you to always feel comfortable in your home. Their range of footwear has been designed to last for many years and can easily be washed if they get dirty ensuring they'll be around for many years.

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