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Nordikas have become synonymous with high quality craftsmanship and excellent everyday comfort. Made in Spain, their classic shapes are a high performing and reliable choice.


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Nordikas Womens Slippers

Our range of womens Nordika slippers is carefully selected to showcase the best of the brand. The brand is best known for its understated, extremely practical shapes, with smooth leather or suede uppers in a range of colours. Every season, we stock a full range of colours and upper materials so you can either choose super-practical and easy to maintain, or something bright and eye catching for a bit of fun.

The highlights from our range include the superbly practical navy leather classic Mulea slipper which has a superb easy maintenance leather upper. and durable, comfortable sole.

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Nordikas Mens Slippers

Mens Nordikas Slippers

Our mens Nordikas slippers are focussed on the easy maintenance, smooth leather classic styles which are loved by anyone who has tried them. When fabric slippers and cheaper alternatives can let you down, it is well worth investing in a lasting and durable pair for longer lasting comfort.

The pick of the range is the classic navy leather Menleamu which is the ideal slipper for indoor comfort and practical warmth, while also fully equipped for trips outside in all weather conditions.

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