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Very few people have not heard about the world-famous Nordika brand. It has become synonymous with leading edge style, hardwearing structure and legendary comfort. This comfort is achieved using pressure-free foot support and shock absorbing technologies. Both ladies and mens Nordikas feature non-slip soles which make them ideal for safety and peace of mind when wearing them at home. One of the main focuses of Nordika slippers is foot health and so all Nordika slippers are constructed using premium quality soft flexible materials which also make them breathable, ideal if they are being worn for a long period of time.

The Nordikas feature some specific, high tech shoe technologies which make them some of the best around. The Nordiflex system make the slippers flexible, comfortable and durable. This is possible due to the ridges which are cut out of the sole to allow flexibility and movement. The Nordishock system helps to reduce the impact pressure experienced when the heel strikes the floor, creating a more comfortable footbed.

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