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Padders Shoes

Padders shoes are famous for being the favourite choice for wide-fitting comfort footwear and are highly sought after at Begg Shoes. Padders has been in the family since 1914 when it was started by the current owner's grandfather and they still operate the business with the same standards and values that Padders has been known for the past 100 years.  They aim to manufacture shoes for women and men which are of high quality shoes but do not compromise comfort for style.

Within the women's Padders shoes collection you find a fabulous selection of women’s shoes which have been exclusively designed for premium comfort. Browse our range of cushioned footwear to keep your feet feeling good all day long. While the Mens Padders shoes range encompasses not only style but comfort as well which has become well known with Padders footwear. With every step you take in a pair of Padders you'll experience unconditional quality.

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Padders Slippers

Padders slippers are our biggest slipper sellers in the winter. They feature the latest of the Padders memory foam in their slipper collection which are guaranteed to keep you comfy at home. We have 3 distinct styles of women's Padders slippers:

1. The easy on - easy off slip on style of slippers. Very popular with a younger generation who are looking for a good quality pair of slippers. Often with a cute design such as the Scotty, these are very popular and see them return for a second season.

2. The ballerina pump style of slippers gives you all round coverage to keep your feet nice & warm during those cooler evenings.

3. Full cover slippers - these slippers offer you a lot more support than the previous 2 styles, very popular with those who have foot problems and make fantastic stocking fillers for granny.

In the Mens Padders Slippers range you'll find a vast selection of styles from soft slip on slippers to more robust and supportive house shoes. Most models of Padders slippers feature removable insoles which allow you to use your orthotics in your house shoes. The removable insoles also allows for a little extra room and / or a wider fit making them perfect to slip into at the end of a long day on your feet.

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Wondering why Padders Shoes are so comfortable?

Padders Comfort Shoes

Padders have trademarked their own unique technology called: feelgoodfeet™. Padders shoes made with this design and manufacture system are incredibly comfortable and supportive footwear. Paddlers Ladies shoes and Padders Mens Sheos have been made using natural leather and fabric linings. This provides you with a soft, cushioning effect while keeping yoour feet warm and the supple while the durable leather allows your feet to “breathe”. Most of the Padders shoes have adjustable fastenings which allows you to personalise the fit of your Padders shoes. The foam padding and ortholite comfort foam help to provide long lasting under foot cushioning while the full and half sizes ensure the best fit for your feet. Many Padders come with a dual-fit system which means you have a wider fitting is available when you remove the footbed. Not only does the removeable footbed give you a wider fitting, but it can also provide extra room should you wish to use orthotic insoles.


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