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An American brand which specialises in casual, sporty styles of footwear, Skechers has become a very popular brand. The company started in 1992 in California and has accumulated a very loyal following across the world. The brand also has many celebrity supporters who back up the comfort and also the fun, unique styling.  Known for their comfortable Go Walk and Memory Foam styles, Skechers have transformed trainers and shoes into styles which are comfy yet cool and stylish. Skechers have managed to design shoes which appeal to a variety of different ages and interests. If you want to find colourful, comfortable, sports inspired shoes then Skechers is the brand for you.


Mens Skechers

Skechers is an American brand based in California that has developed into a leader of the casual footwear sector. The brand designs shoes for men, women and children and have designed several comfort technologies that are used within each department. These technologies are well advertised to show off their prominent benefits - which include shoes that are light weight, extremely cushioned and attractive styles. Key menswear collections from Skechers include the Relaxed Fit range, made with a roomier fit and memory foam insoles, Memory Foam and Performance collections. The Performance division offers shoes which have been specifically designed for walking, running and training for various activities. Skechers footwear designs for men are casual, comfortable and versatile so why not give them a try!



Skechers footwear has become one of the most sought after brands for ladies, men and children due to their bright colours and comfortable styles. Within their wide range of children’s footwear, Skechers have created styles which stand out from the crowd and encompass specific designs to try to appease all ages/interests. They like to incorporate twinkling and flashing lights, glitter and cartoons to make sure their styles appeal to a wide variety of children and their parents! Skechers use the same technologies such as Memory Foam and Go Walk within their kids’ footwear collections as their adults range, ensuring the same Skechers comfort no matter what your age.


Skechers Sport with Memory Foam

Get a glimpse into the life of Demi Lovato in her commercial for SKECHERS Sport with Memory Foam footwear. From her hair to her edgy style, people call Demi unique. Everyone is different and SKECHERS gets it. With fun and colorful looks, SKECHERS Sport with Memory Foam is the super comfortable footwear that lets you be you.

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