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Timberland is and American brand which was founded in 1973, which focuses mainly on footwear but also manufactures outdoor clothing as well. Timberland is most well-known for its iconic yellow mens’ boot and classic leather boat shoes but does also create more fashion conscious styles for men. The classic Timberland mens’ boots are crafted using premium, waterproofed leathers and also incorporate their exclusive anti-fatigue system within the insole. This technology helps to ensure comfort for all day wear. The classic deck shoe from Timberland’s mens’ collection also uses this anti-fatigue technology and combines it with a rubber outer sole to increase traction and grip on slippery surfaces. This particular design has been key for Timberland; in fact the shoes are still made using the original machines they were first produced on. Men (or the women who shop for them!) appreciate Timberland’s combination of sturdy and practical designs fused with easy to wear styling.

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